WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 02/06/2016

The Club picks a fight with the New Day, which pushes the Tag Team Champions to show another side of theirs. The MITB ladder match competitors square off and the US Champion Rusev continues to provoke. This and much more! Let’s talk SmackDown!

The New Day/The Club

The New Day are finally in a serious feud! I’ve been saying that their gimmick’s gotten tired but the WWE just won’t have them drop the titles. This rivalry might be the middle ground. I haven’t been that interested in the New Day in a very long time. They still joke around but they’ve become much more serious.

I simply loved the exchange between Kofi and AJ. Picking them out as the leaders was a very interesting move. Not so much for Styles, but for Kingston.  We tend to forget how long Kofi’s been around and how much he’s done, so to give him that acknowledgment was totally deserved.

Becky Lynch def. Charlotte /via DQ/

Charlotte was actually quite impressive in this match-up. Her strength when she picked Becky up and slammed her, while Becky was applying the cross armbreaker and her agility when she landed that moonsault on her feet were both outstanding.

Continuous interferences by Dana Brooke caused a DQ but Charlotte didn’t seem to mind, as long as she was safe.

The way things are going, there won’t be a Women’s championship match at MITB. It’ll be a tag team match between Natty and Becky and Charlotte and Dana. That’s a bit underwhelming.

The Dudley Boyz def. The Golden Truth

The Golden Truth were actually doing quite well against the Dudleyz. It almost felt as if they had a chance of being something more than a comic relief duo. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

Breezango cost Golden Truth the match, thus continuing this ridiculous feud. The props team should have come up with something different for Breeze’s VIP lounge because right now it looks like he simply replaced his girlfriend Summer Rae with his boyfriend Fandango.

Breeze and Fandango could actually make something out of this. They are going to lose the feud but if they stay together after that they could potentially regain momentum, if the Creative have any faith in them.

Baron Corbin

I particularly enjoyed Corbin’s segment. Refusing to enter an arena until the time comes to enter and destroy Ziggler was brilliant. Corbin’s phrasing helped build the dangerous vibe of the promo. Loved it!

Zayn & Ambrose def. Owens & Del Rio

Another solid match from four great performers. Owens takes the crown of heel of the match, as usual. He interjects at the right times, says the right things and overall has brilliant presence.

For a moment, I thought that the WWE were trying to create some fake tension between Ambrose and Zayn when Sami got knocked down the apron and couldn’t tag Dean. Luckily, for once, this didn’t grow to become an issue, which is a much more realistic scenario.

Cesaro, flying in his suit and then sitting on top of the ladder, briefcase in hand, sunglasses in his top pocket was a great image to see. That picture alone makes you want to see Cesaro win at MITB.

Rusev def. Jack Swagger

Jack Swagger’s still around? I had forgotten. I’m starting to believe that the WWE’s keeping him, only to have occasional matches against foreign heels to get the USA and WE THE PEOPLE chants. It’s good to have a patriotic act at your disposal.

Rusev held the Accolade long enough to get Titus to come out. The way he positioned Swagger, facing the ramp, was a direct challenge. Rusev wanted Titus to get irritated and show up. Next step would be to have the Bulgarian Brute ambush Titus backstage and beat him brutally.

AJ Styles def. Kofi Kingston

Great match! Fights like these remind us that there’s more to a superstar than his booking. Kofi’s been at the bottom of the midcard for years but the way he fought AJ Styles last night proved that he deserves his veteran spot on the roster.

It’s interesting that despite being face, the New Day, and Xavier Woods with Francesca in particular, started the distractions and interferences in the match. I love the blurry line between good and bad that’s showing up here.

AJ won but the way he got his victory was much more different than people would have expected. He had to fight for it and Kofi came out, looking just as strong. This stables feud looks amazing and will be a great addition to MITB.

What are your impressions from SmackDown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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