WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 09/06/2016

That card of last night’s episode of SmackDown was mostly filled with mini feuds between the MITB Briefcase Match participants. Also, some forgotten NXT stars got some exposure on the way to the PPV and the Tag Team Title scene got more volatile than ever. That and much more! Let’s talk SmackDown!

The Club/ Enzo & Cass

When AJ Styles took the microphone to cut a promo on Cena, I couldn’t help but feel that the loud, vigorous CENA chants from the crowd might have been a tad amped up artificially. Because of things like that I can’t wait to see SmackDown go live.

This WWE version of the Club is rather underwhelming. Their jokes are not funny and sound forced. You can’t try to outwit Enzo on the mic because you’ll just fail. Keeping serious, cold and bloodthirsty would have been much more effective.

Seeing that, I’d much rather have Enzo and Cass as Tag Team Champions than Gallows and Anderson.

Enzo & Cass vs. Gallows & Anderson

The outsiders’ presence in this match was way too high from the very beginning. With New Day and The Vaudevillains there, it couldn’t have gone down peacefully.

Ending the match without a decisive winner was a good booking choice. We don’t need to know who’d prevail in this fight just yet. Either one of these teams could be the new champs next week, so spoiling a possible feud between them that early on would be a mistake.

It’s undeniable that there’s no other guy in this division more over than Enzo. His and Cass’ reign as champs will be electrifying.


Ok, this segment was wrong on so many levels. Rusev cutting a heel promo at Muhammad Ali’s expense was way too early. But Titus, trying to gain face points off of the late legend’s popularity was also too corny.

That aside, the rivalry between Rusev and Titus hasn’t been developed well enough to see definitive winner from now. I’d keep Rusev as the champion, though.

Owens & Del Rio def. Zayn & Cesaro

This match was a complete mess. There was a lot of walking out and bickering going on. It seemed like the WWE was running out of things to do with the MITB participants and was desperately trying to create some tension we haven’t seen before.

Then again, it was a good preview of the type of animosity we’ll see at MITB. Kevin Owens would be a very dangerous winner. Probably the most dangerous one because he’d have no moral constraints against attacking any champion at any given point.

Becky Lynch def. Dana Brooke

No match could go without ringside action last night. Unlike Charlotte, Natalya is completely useless as a person to have in your corner. If Dana Brooke hadn’t engaged with her, Natty wouldn’t have gotten involved, even though Charlotte already had landed a cheap shot on Becky.

Becky won and that was a logical decision. She and Natty need the momentum, although the whole commotion took something away from the importance of the victory. But that was good for Dana because her first loss could be excused with the numerous distractions at ringside.

On a side note, Becky should ditch the extensions. They look tired and messy. She was much better off with her natural hair length.

Baron Corbin def. Kalisto

Good guy Dolph Ziggler sold Baron Corbin perfectly. The Show Off put to work all his famous eloquence to build Corbin up as a threat. Great professionalism from Dolph.

The match itself was good. Kalisto had enough moments to show glimpses of his abilities, just enough to make Baron Corbin’s strength look more impressive. The way Corbin tossed Kalisto into the crowd totally grabbed all the attention.

It’s good that the WWE is trying to give Corbin some more air time. His character isn’t anything new. He’s a very standard heel but it works. The Lone Wolf deserves a good shot.

Sheamus/Apollo Crews

Sheamus had a little backstage segment, selling his TMNT appearance. He sounded so much like the Miz with his A-list star talk that I could picture them, forming a team. Then again, it wouldn’t last because their egos would clash.

Apollo Crews looks so small, compared to Sheamus. It’s weird because Crews did appear to be bigger when he was on NXT. Regardless, Apollo’s shot started a feud that might not have any stakes involved but will help him stay out of obscurity.

Both Sheamus and Apollo need this rivalry. The latter more than the former. It’s a great opportunity for Apollo to get some attention on the main roster.

Jericho def. Ambrose

Throughout SmackDown we were diligently reminded of every detail of the Ambrose vs. Jericho feud and I wondered why. That rivalry was fundamentally ridiculous and I was happy to forget why and how it happened.

The match had nothing new to offer. We’ve seen it too many times in the recent months, so that’s why the post-match confrontation was necessary.

Ambrose lost but he was protected, which was a lazy but effective booking strategy. The Lunatic Fringe had the upper hand at the end and it feels like this will be the outcome next week on Sunday.

The Ambrose Asylum with Rollins and Reigns? Could it have been more obvious? Ambrose will have the brief case, in order for this Shield feud to happen.

What are your impressions from SmackDwon? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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