WWE RAW – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 13/06/2016

The participants in the MITB match clashed again and the tension rose between Rusev and Titus and Sheamus and Apollo Crews but the centre piece of last night’s RAW was the Ambrose Asylum, featuring the ex-Shield members. Let’s talk RAW!

New Day/ Enzo & Cass/ The Vaudevillains/ Gallows & Anderson

This segment was beyond inappropriate and it was all because of the faces none the less. Full of sexual innuendos – from dildo jokes to blowjob jokes, Enzo and Xavier Woods definitely challenged the PG 13 rating of the show.

The Vaudevillains acted as a buffer, diluting an inappropriate segment with a bit of innocent singing. As for Gallows and Anderson, they should quit trying to be funny because it’s failing miserably. Every time they try to crack a joke, it feels forced and unnatural.

The Club & The Vaudevillains def. The New Day & Enzo &Cass

Gallows and Anderson stood tall at the end of this but I doubt they will at MITB. The WWE’s not utilizing The Club’s potential and Gallows & Anderson lack the momentum to be champs at the moment.

Otherwise, the Fatal-4-Way will be quite the match. The tag team division on the main roster has gotten much stronger since the arrival of the three challengers.

Rusev/ Titus

Rusev, attacking Titus was the next logical step. I said it the last few times, the Bulgarian Brute had to retaliate, in order to walk in MITB with a solid momentum.

I hope Rusev retains on Sunday. His reign has a lot of potential and it would be too soon to end it.

Ambrose Asylum

That was the segment I was looking forward to the most. I never liked the idea of Ambrose with a talk show but if it put all three members of the Shield in the same ring, I was all up for it.

The crowd was weak and confused in the beginning but found their ground once Reigns started talking because all the BOOs united at that very moment.

It was obvious that Ambrose and Rollins carried the segment on the mic. We could hardly hear Roman. Then again, that might have been because the crowd didn’t let him talk.

Nothing can beat the energy of the Shield. The Shield is the greatest masterpiece of our wrestling generation, so this Ambrose vs. Rollins vs. Reigns rivalry is going to be brilliant.

Paige def. Charlotte

Paige defeated Charlotte as Becky and Natty were hating on Dana Brooke on commentary. However, it was Dana’s attempt to help that ruined Charlotte’s chances. In the end of the day, the WWE might be setting up for Dana vs. Charlotte.

Especially looking at their backstage interaction, the relationship between Charlotte and Dana is already at a breaking point. Dana will soon turn on Charlotte. It was never in her character to be someone’s assistant.

Sheamus def. Zack Ryder

Sheamus bullied Zack because of Zack’s reaction to Apollo’s hit on Sheamus last week.  It was obvious that Ryder was going to lose and that Crews would have had to save him.

Apollo brought some energy to this feud. He is one powerful specimen, the way he tossed Sheamus out with ease. This has the potential to be an interesting rivalry.

Sami Zayn def. Cesaro

It’s interesting how the backstage segment before the match had Cesaro almost play heel to Sami Zayn. When even the faces treat you badly, you’ve discovered a new level of underdog.

The match was top notch, so nothing less than the expected. Sami won and he needed that victory badly. In the WWE he’s become the really good guy, who never gets the job done. An occasional victory is always a plus.

John Cena/ AJ Styles

After a lot of talking on Cena’s part, AJ Styles agreed to wrestle without the Club at MITB. It begs the question why he even had to get involved with them in the first place? Only so that he can be Cena’s heel? This is not going to end well for Styles.

It might sound pessimistic, but in my view I’m being realistic when I say that I can’t see AJ Styles winning at MITB. He should, he deserves to but I don’t see it happening.

Owens & Del Rio def. The Lucha Dragons

Based on Kane’s suggestion, Del Rio and Owens were competing against the Lucha Dragons to protect their spots in the MITB Briefcase match. This meant that there was not even a single percent chance of a victory for Sin Cara and Kalisto.

Owens got the job done and Del Rio attacked him after wards. Del Rio needed to end this on a high note as much as Sami Zayn did. He has a lot of passion but he never wins anything important. Actually, Del Rio would work much better as a face.

Ambrose def. Jericho

When the entire list of MITB Briefcase match participants were somehow involved in the match, there was no way this was ever going to be about Jericho and Ambrose, who by the way, produced a really good match. They know each other so well that the number of counters becomes more impressive every time.

The whole commotion and Jericho’s success in the end were almost enough to get the fans to think that the outcome of Sunday night might still be open to change. However, with the Shield feud at stake, there is no one else but Ambrose, who could possibly win.

What are your impressions from RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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