WWE RAW – Review, Highlights &Analysis From 20/06/2016

All three members of the Shield come face to face and John Cena stands alone against the Club, as the WWE superstars deal with the aftermath of Money in the Bank. Another former RAW GM makes an appearance in a bid to rule after the brand split and a ferocious stable makes a comeback. That and much more!! Let’s talk RAW!


Despite all the talk in the IWC, no turns happened as a result of MITB. Rollins remained heel, as Ambrose was presented as a carrier of justice. Although it makes sense and is in line with the storyline, this decision is far from being exciting.

The general feeling is that Ambrose’s reign won’t last too long. Event though his gimmick is supposed to be dirty, Dean’s character is actually rather clean and the WWE has never shown any interest in making him THE face of the company. He’ll get screwed out of this title sooner rather than later.

Sami Zayn def. Kevin Owens

The build-up to MITB gave me some hope that this rivalry was about to end but RAW showed me otherwise. Unfortunately, not much has changed.

In the match, KO looked stronger once again. Sami barely scraped up the victory, so Owens had all the right to be infuriated.

Zayn vs. Owens is a great feud with a lot of emotion in it but it spans over more than a year now. It’s losing its edge. That being said, the brawl afterwards got the crowd involved. If it comes to a definitive end soon, the feud might be able to give us a bit more entertainment value.

John Laurinaitis

I enjoy those guest appearances by previous RAW GMs. People Power was a fun movement and good old Johnny delivered an entertaining segment.

In all seriousness though, I think Shane should take SmackDown and Stephanie should keep RAW. Shane’s popularity will help rebuild the brand and Stephanie will just keep doing what she normally does.

On a side note, do you think Brad Maddox would show up next to ask to manage one of the brands?

Enzo & Cass def. The Vaudevillains

The match was of good quality. The two teams know each other very well, so there’s no surprise they delivered in the ring. However, the WWE might be missing the moment to capitalize on the momentum they have as new arrivals.

It feels disappointing to see this feud continue with no gold involved. Enzo and Cass should have won the titles at MITB, so this would have been a much more meaningful face-off.

The Club/ John Cena

AJ Styles called out the rest of the Club and they played out a charade, in which they apologized to each other and to John Cena about MITB.

It was so fake, it was cringy. What I don’t understand is why all heels need to be slimy and incapable. The reason why the Shield were such a force and still are revered as one of the best is that they were strong and fearless, despite being villains for most of their run.

John Cena has slipped back into his old role – being righteous and standing alone vs. impossible odds. At least, he plays the part well, unlike Roman.

Karl Anderson vs. John Cena

It was clear that this was going to end up being a 3on1 attack and the WWE didn’t waste too much time, trying to convince us it would be otherwise. It didn’t take the Club very long to jump in and gang up on Cena.

The only possible outcome of this story is John Cena, defeating the entire Club on his own. This stable is doomed.

Baron Corbin def. Zack Ryder

After supposedly finishing the feud with Ziggler, Corbin moved on to face Zack Ryder. Yeah, anticlimactic, I know. It was obvious that Corbin was going to squash Zack and when he did nobody cared.

It looks like the WWE have no idea what to do with Corbin, which is a shame. Floating in limbo will only guarantee him a jobber role for life.

Charlotte def. Paige

This, being a title match was a surprise. For a moment there, I thought that maybe Paige was going to pull off an unexpected victory. She’s done that before – coming out of the blue and taking a title she was never in the run for.

However, a much more predictable and yet likable scenario happened. The Boss came back and challenged Charlotte, which made the fans ecstatic.

What’s worrying about this segment is that it ended with Sasha and Paige, standing tall together against Charlotte and Dana Broke. We don’t need another tag team storyline. Sasha and Charlotte are definitely capable of producing a one-on-one rivalry.

Wyatt Family/ New Day

The Wyatt Family are back and strangely, they are in a feud with the New Day. This development makes me think that not dropping the gold was even a bigger mistake. The stables feud would have been big enough without the titles and at the same time, it would have allowed other teams to stand up and have exciting rivalries, revolving around the gold.

I wonder if Xavier Woods’ behaviour last night will be the start of a storyline. He seemed entranced by the Wyatt Family. I’m on the fence as to whether a supernatural angle would be a good way to go. Knowing the WWE, probably not.

Rusev vs. Titus

Titus didn’t want to fight, he wanted to hurt Rusev. This makes the feud significantly better. If it’s to go on, the violence should be upped a notch.

It was interesting to hear that the crowd was chanting Rusev’s name as the two men brawled in the audience. What are the chances of turning the Bulgarian Brute face? Weirdly enough, it could work out.

Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns

The only way anyone would believe that this would end with a definitive victor would have been if that was their first time watching wrestling. We knew the Triple Threat was coming since before MITB.

Fair play though, Reigns vs. Rollins 2.0 was just as good as the original. The two former brothers picked up the fight where they left off and the atmosphere was great.

Ambrose’s presence made the ringside spots that much better. His hysterical laughter when Roman and Seth crashed next to him, brought out the Lunatic image. He then even went on to cheer them both. This is why the fans like Ambrose.

This Triple Threat is a dream match. With the brand split coming soon, it might be the last chance we’ll have to see that in a long while. Sadly, I don’t think Ambrose will come out the winner.


What are your impressions from RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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