WWE RAW – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 27/06/2016

The WWE finally addresses Roman Reigns’ situation and his place in the WWE World Heavyweight championship match at Battleground. The New Day keep picking on the wrong family and the cast of Marine 5 make a return. That and much more! Let’s talk RAW!

Rollins/ Ambrose

If you were worried about Reigns, don’t be. He will be kept in the storyline and the championship match, regardless of his drug violation. It seems like such incidents can’t knock The Guy down from his pedestal.

Interestingly, when Seth was talking about Roman as if Roman was a heel, the crowd loved it. When Ambrose defended him, he didn’t even get a pop, although the crowd loves the champ. The company might still love Reigns but the fans are not that forgiving.

AJ Styles and John Cena in the title match doesn’t sound like a plausible scenario. The Triple Threat is too perfect as it is, to overcrowd it with another added rivalry. Then again, this stipulation makes for a cool edition of RAW.

Sasha Banks & Paige def. Charlotte & Dana Brooke

It was a textbook match. Paige as the weaker face took a beating, Sasha got the hot tag and the win but Charlotte didn’t get pinned.

The Boss looks good in the ring. She’s exactly what the fans expect her to be. It’s just a shame that this won’t be a proper one–on-one feud between Sasha and Charlotte. Too many distractions.

It’s still strange to see Paige in this support position. She has too much character and intensity to be kept so low on the card.

Titus def. Rusev

This time Titus beat Rusev by a count out. This brings nothing new to the table. The Bulgarian Brute still hasn’t really been defeated by Titus.

This rivalry is becoming yet another missed opportunity. The crowd seems to support Titus and he gets some good chants. However, the booking is just sad. There are no promos and no actual feud.

This is becoming nothing more than another filler like Corbin vs. Ziggler. The WWE should seriously reconsider how they book their midcard titles after the brand split because the state of things right now is appalling.

Rollins def. Cena

That was one good match. It was PPV-worthy and we got it on RAW. It was only natural that The Club was going to help AJ Styles somehow. However, it would have been much nicer if Rollins had pulled a surprise clean victory. Imagine the momentum it would have given him!

Enzo & Cass def. ???

Enzo and Cass squashed some local jobbers and were enjoying the fans’ appreciation when suddenly the Social Outcasts returned.

I’m happy every time I see these guys. They are funny.  That “hard” joke made me question if this really was happening. Also, I doubt Enzo and Cass often meet people who are more outrageously ridiculous than themselves.

I only wish the Social Outcasts weren’t a complete joke in the ring. They can be funny and still present some sort of a challenge in a match. That would prevent their feuds from being a complete waste of time.

Becky Lynch vs. Summer Rae

This match never happened as Becky launched an attack on Natalya, as soon as she came out. It was a good booking decision. This match would have never been important and it would have always led to this confrontation. Skipping the match and going straight to the fight made the feud that much more interesting because the emotions became real.

On the other hand, it’s a shame for Summer. She rarely gets TV time. She’d have enjoyed the odd match.

The Highlights Reel

Although I agree that Owens vs. Zayn has to end, it can’t be denied that the segment was heated. That probably was Sami’s best promo on the main roster so far. And KO’s expressionless face when emotional issues are concerned is as annoying as the first time I saw it.

When KO and Sami Zayn knocked Jericho out in unison, the crowd went wild. If one day this team becomes a thing, it will be one of the hottest duos to hit the WWE.

Kane def. Miz

Miz sacrificed the match to help Maryse out. Backstage she revealed she was faking it and Miz was eventually happy about it. However, this at least shows that his character is not a complete a-hole. After all, he wasn’t willing to sacrifice Maryse for the sake of a victory.

The secret opponent was revealed to be Kane but the shadow cutout on the screen definitely was Zack Ryder. Anyway, if this turns out to be Kane vs. Miz rivalry, it will be rather bizarre.

Apollo Crews & Cesaro def. Del Rio & Sheamus

Best thing about this match was Del Rio, taking Sheamus out. The pop that he got! I’ve been saying this for the last few weeks but Del Rio would make a great face.

Sadly, this probably will remain Del Rio vs. Cesaro and Sheamus vs. Apollo. The WWE isn’t too keen on mixing things up lately.

New Day/ Wyatt Family

The New Day roasting the Wyatt Family was juvenile but brave. It was a good moment. So good that when the Wyatts came out, the crowd drowned Bray in New Day chants. That doesn’t happen often. The WWE Universe is usually very attentive when the Eater of Worlds speaks.

The whole Xavier Woods story is a big question mark. I’d agree with it if he fails a few times because he’s afraid but then he snaps out of it and helps the New Day defeat the Wyatts. However, if this leads to a New Day break-up, I’d be totally against it. The New Day are perfect together.

Ambrose def. AJ Styles

As good as the match was, Seth Rollins on commentary was the focus for me. I was convinced that he was going to jump in and help Ambrose win, only to keep AJ out of this, which would attract the rage of The Club, forcing Ambrose and Rollins to tag. It could even lead to a brief Shield vs. Club tease at Battleground.

Things ended differently with The Club destroying Cena and Rollins taking Ambrose out. Still, it was a good night. The match was brilliant and the outside interferences were written in in an intriguing way.


What are your impressions from WWE RAW? Share your thoguhts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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