WWE RAW – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 04/07/2016

In the 4th of July edition of Raw, the show was pumped up with patriotic matches, Founding Fathers references and a lot of festivity. Let’s see how the WWE marked Independence Day! Let’s talk RAW!

Backstage Party

No celebration is ever going to be complete in the WWE without a food fight so the Creative decided to get it out of the way, first thing on Monday night.

There were a few funny details, if you pay attention to who’s sitting close to whom. For example, Apollo Crews, Cesaro and Rusev were all on the same table. Owens hiding under the table and Xavier Woods, who has may times said on UpUpDownDown that he hates getting food on his face, hiding behind his inflatable mattress were also a nice touch.

Then again, I find food fights pointless, wasteful, disgusting and overall unnecessary, so I was also glad to get this segment over with.

One more question, thou: WHO THREW THAT CAKE AT OWENS?!

Rusev def. Titus

I was prepared for this match to wave the nationalistic flag high but Titus’ shorts were a step beyond my willingness to forgive. Seriously, it looked like he had just been pulled out of bed in his pajamas.

Rusev was brilliant in this match. He seems to be in a better shape than a few months back. Breaking free from the League of Nations and becoming a champ again seem to be doing the trick for the Bulgarian Brute.

Giving Rusev the victory on Independence Day was a cheap but useful move. He got to be hated on the foreign heel thread again.

Enzo&Cass def. The Social Outcasts

The Social Outcasts have now become 3MB version 2.0. They got royally dissed by Enzo and then got beat, while wearing heavy, cheap, embarrassing costumes.

I could almost see Sandow, wearing the same costume a while back and it made  be sad. Sandow should not have been fired. He had potential. These guys are probably going down the same route.

Although a superstar should not take themselves too seriously, as this is simply entertainment,  I still find this sort of booking disrespectful.

Charlotte/Sasha Banks

Charlotte has gotten so much better at promos. Not having her dad around has made her come out of her shell. The exchange between her and Sasha was charged. For once, a female feud feels like a serious rivalry.

The mic battle was great. The following brawling sequence – not so much. It looked clumsy and choreographed. It might have been due to the uncomfortable shoes Sasha was wearing. Yet, the Bank Statement was beautiful. Can’t wait for the match!

Dean Ambrose def. The Miz

Ambrose vs. The Miz was tested on SmackDown and it worked, so it was copy-pasted into RAW. It was a decent fight and it ended with no surprises. At least, the Miz shows that he can pull off a good match. Too bad the fans will probably never take him seriously again (if ever).

Ambrose, trolling Rollins after the match, was a classic. The mind games between these two take me back to their feud just after the Shield broke up. For me it was the best feud of the year.

Seth Rollins def. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler vs. Rollins is always a pleasure to watch, despite the fact that the winner is easily predictable. If Ziggler had any chance of breaking the glass ceiling, this could have been an amazing rivalry.

Rollins, cutting a promo on Reigns, was brilliant for two reasons – 1. It kept Roman involved and 2. It provoked Ambrose, who practically was ignored, despite being champ.


Rollins/Ambrose is an epic rivalry. It’s just a shame that we most probably won’t be able to follow it longer because of the brand split.

The Wyatt Family

The Wyatt Family invited the New Day to their place (wherever that might be) in an old-school horror movie-like, jump-cut sequence.

The Wyatts are such a unique group. They have no equivalent in the current age and they can’t be replaced. Braun Strowman will never be Luke Harper in my eyes though.

Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin’s getting a vignette. That’s a bit unusual, having in mind that he debuted 4 months ago. This tells me that he’s going to get a push after the brand split. I’m excited for Corbin.

Vicky Guerrero

Vicky just had to show up in the mandatory SD GM bid. The fans ridiculed her as always and the segment worked.

The Golden Truth def. The Vaudevillains

This joke of a match enraged me. The Vaudevilains got beat in what – a minute? Two? This is simply outrageous! It’s worse than the divas matches that caused the Divas Revolution! Gotch and Englis are worth far more than that!

John Cena/ The Club

John Cena, being himself challenged the entire Club. The Club came out and tried to be funny but ended up sounding like a bunch of 9 gaggers in the comment section, meaning – juvenile. That isn’t very faltering for a group of grown men, who want to dominate the wrestling scene.

Getting Enzo and Cass involved is a positive. Enzo and Cass need something to do and The Club are still considered somewhat high profile. Also, The Club won’t lose to Cena alone and that can help them save some face.

Becky Lynch def. Summer Rae

Summer keeps filling in for other girls in various rivalries because she has nothing of her own. I hope that the brand split will give her a chance to have something to get involved in and show her true talent.

Becky isn’t doing too well either. She was a fireball as always and she was great in the ring, yet, she’s in a senseless rivalry that I even forgot existed. The Women’s Division needs some serious improvement in the writing.

New Day

This segment was great! First off, I was in complete awe as the  New Day shamelessly dished out incest jokes on live PG TV. These guys are brilliant!

Second, although I definitely don’t agree with the New Day breaking-up, I loved Xavier Woods’ delivery. Who would have known that he would do such an amazing job as a serious, thoughtful and dramatic character?

This might not be so bad after all. This segment might lead to the New Day evolving, instead of breaking up. They might actually take Xavier’s advice and bring things up to a different level. Let’s hope so, otherwise there’ll be a lot more of those heartbroken children, screaming NOOOOO in the audience.

Team USA def. The Multi-National Alliance

How could the Team USA vs. The Multi-National Alliance match end on Independence Day? Hmmm…

Obviously, team USA not only won, but the final pin was given to the precious token character – Zack Ryder. At least, he got a present for the 4th of July.

Oh well, a bit of a patriotic celebration on America’s birthday is fine. After all, the entire show was written around this day, so a gift had to be given to the audience.


What are your impressions form WWE RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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