WWE NXT – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 06/07/2016

This episode of NXT bet on quality over quantity. We only saw two matches through to the end but they reminded the world why NXT is THE wrestling brand of the WWE. Let’s talk NXT!

Bayley def. Alexa Bliss

The atmosphere was great from the get go. The match just kept getting better and better. I wonder why we can’t have such diverse and innovative matches on the main roster. Even if the heel looks good too, it’s a pleasure to watch. The crowd doesn’t need the face/heel paradigm spelled out for them.

Alexa Bliss is what you’d call “one mean chick”. Everything from her facial expressions, to her mannerism, to her wrestling style screams heel. She’s probably the best female heel persona not only on NXT but in the WWE as a whole right now.

Bayley, going up against Nia Jax feels strange to me. The way she’s ploughing through the top tier women of NXT makes you believe that she’ll become the first two-time NXT Women’s champion. Then again, that would mean keeping Bayley away from the main roster once again. If Nia were to win, it would put her back at the front of the line to face Asuka and that would be repetitive. There is no good scenario here.

Blake & Murphy vs. The Hype Bros

I wondered why two jobber teams, one of which is not even a team any more, with nothing on the line are booked on the show and then Rhyno appeared. However, why Rhyno would attack tag teams is also a good question. In general, the only thing to get form this segment is that Rhyno is for some reason back on NXT.

The WWE should decide whether they want Blake and Murphy together, or not. It seems like the decision is “not” but that for me is the wrong answer. These two are funny together and would be lost in the shuffle on their own.

The Revival def. American Alpha

What an amazing performance! Matches like this one are what makes NXT the best wrestling program the WWE has to offer!

The first fall came very late in the match, which is something we are not used to. The atmosphere was electric. The Revival are so brutal and unapologetic as heels, but they are also on a very high technical level, so the crowd can’t help but admire them.

As for America Alpha, they are what a true face should be. It’s been a while since I last cared about a team but when it comes to American Alpha, it can’t be helped – Jordan and Gable are just that lovable.

The third fall came after a brutal Shatter Machine on the apron. The move looked so devastating; it was a jaw-dropping sight. Gable and Jordan looked incredibly strong in this and so the ending was heart-wrenching. Probably, the next thing for American Alpha will be The Authors of Pain and that’s slightly underwhelming.

What are your impressions from WWE NXT? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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