WWE RAW – Review- Highlights & Analysis from 11/07/2016

Intercontinental Title #1 Contender’s Match

The winner of this match was quite obvious. Why would you stuff a #1 competitor’s match for a singles title with tag teams? It’s clear that none of them were going to win, so logically we ended up with Ziggler, Corbin, Crews and Darren Young.

I would have loved to see Corbin in this feud but it will come later. It was about time Darren Young’s new gimmick finally got tested. If the WWE had pulled Bob Buckland out, there was no way Young was going to lose.

I think Miz’s reign is coming to an end but it’s a shame because it just got good. He finally started to build back his name. Regardless, a new face is going to get a chance, so I’d give this story the benefit of the doubt.

Sheamus def. Zack Ryder

The whole set up was simple but beautifully done. Zack, coming up to Rusev with so much confidence and Rusev walking all over him with such disdain, perfect build-up for the feud!

Sheamus finished off what he had started backstage. He might not be in the run for the title but he, at least, doesn’t look weak. He should do well after the brand split.

Rusev’s demeanor after the match was spot on. He was so dominant. It looked real and it suddenly created a great rivalry with only a couple of segments.

Breezdango def. Lucha Dragons

I’m glad Fandango and Breeze won. They are one of my favourite teams at the moment. They are entertaining and if one day they got the titles they’d be so much fun. Not to mention that they can actually wrestle.

The Lucha Dragons didn’t really suffer from that loss. Nothing was at stake and lose often but they are unique in the WWE, so they are safe.

Rollins Report

Such a brilliant segment! The Rollins Report is what news in the real world are in a nutshell –manipulation of information with the purpose of mass delusion. The whole interview was so well edited and Seth’s reactions were priceless which made the first half of the segment so funny.

When Ambrose came out, the tone changed. The intensity became high and simply, when these two exchanged promos, I got chills. Rollins/Ambrose is going to be a classic rivalry for years and years. They are THE duo of this generation.

Owens def. Cesaro

The Owens/Zayn feud was also addressed nicely last night. KO’s promo after the match was great. Sami’s attack –even better. It showed character, which we don’t expect form the sweet nice guy Zayn.

The only one on a minus here is Cesaro. He very quickly went from US Title #1 contender to a nobody.

Titus def. Heath Slater

This was a pointless match. Titus beating one of the Social Outcasts isn’t a redeeming solution to his loss to Rusev. Basically, this was a waste of time.

New Day/ Wyatt Family

That was some amazing work there! This is what the Final Delition should have been. People say TNA wanted it to be bad but I think they wanted the effect the WWE got here and failed miserably.

The editing, the set-up, it was brilliant! Xavier Woods doing all he can to save his friends after getting dropped dead on the ground by Bray showed that he has no intention of abandoning them.

The Wyatts are countless and that’s the true horror –the endless flock. The WWE managed to make the Wyatts look a bigger threat than they’ve ever been and also sold the New Day as the perfect protagonists. So many things could have gone wrong but they didn’t. Great work!

The Club vs. Enzo & Cass

For once, AJ Styles was useful to Anderson and Gallows and not the other way round. John Cena was bound to come and save the day. Everything is leading to a 3 on 3 match and despite it being obvious, it’s still something that the fans want to see.

The #BeatUpJohnCena story is actually funny. Too bad that it can’t last long. Cena won’t lose to the Club. If the heels are to win, Cena won’t be the one taking the pin.

Sasha Banks def. Dana Brooke

Sasha was her usual brilliant self but what impressed me is Dana. She’s become so much better. Her character doesn’t really benefit form being around Charlotte, but Dana does in the long run. The spotlight she gets now as a sidekick, she would have never had on her own. Now she has the chance to show how got she truly is.

Charlotte’s challenge is an obvious trap. So obvious, you’d wonder how someone would fall for it but Sasha did, after all she’s a face.

McMahon Family

I’ve been saying this since the beginning. SmackDown needs Shane. It’s the show that needs rebuilding and his popularity will help massively. It was the right choice.

The brand feud is a good thing. I think it will produce a lot of great storylines but for me, it means a soft split. How would they compete directly otherwise?


What are your impression form RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on fB or Twitter!


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