WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 15/07/2016

The last Thursday night SmackDown aired this week and the farewell show was greatly entertaining. The brand extension hasn’t even happened yet and the product’s already improving. Great thing are coming ahead! Let’s talk SmackDown!

Sasha Banks def. Dana Brooke

I loved the entrance Dana and Charlotte made. It might just be a little detail but the limo, the driver and the entire demeanor of the two ladies told the WWE Unvierse that the champ cannot be ignored.

The match was as good as the previous one. Sasha’s incredibly versatile range of moves, clashing with Dana’s more physical style is a pleasure to watch.

I’m surprised that Sasha got two victories in a row. Although neither was against the champ, it still makes her look invincible.

Charlotte is showing a lot more character now than when she started her reign. The way she tossed Sasha over the announce table was beautifully brutal. This lengthy run with the title might have been for the better. Charlotte finally looks like a champ. Too bad her reign is soon to be over.

Dolph Ziggler def. Rusev

When this match started I thought that Rusev hadn’t looked that dominant in a while and Dolph hadn’t looked that irrelevant in quite some time. Then Zack showed up and surprisingly only one of these observations changed.

Rusev seems to truly be returning to his beast of an athlete roots. He can again be taken seriously as the Bulgarian Brute. Ziggler, however, might end up playing a much bigger role in what’s to happen with the US title than anyone would have imagined.

I won’t be surprised if Dolph helps Zack win at Battleground and then turns on him for the title.

AJ Styles & Karl Anderson def. Enzo & Cass

Styles vs. Amore is a singles feud that I’d love to see one day. Those two fit so well in the ring. What I find odd is that Anderson, and not Luke Gallows, was appointed to tackle Big Cass. I’d have gone for Gallows, simply due to the size advantage.

The Club got a victory here but I doubt they’ll get third time lucky. With Cena present, Battleground won’t bring success to AJ and company.

Kalisto def. Tyler Breeze

Kalisto vs. Tyler Breeze is a feud that’s just begging to be booked. It’s so easy to write it that I wonder why it hasn’t happened yet.

Although Tyler lost, I’d still say that if one of these teams has to be separated with the Draft, I’d still pick Kalisto and Sin Cara. Kalisto can benefit from a solo run, while the Breezdango team has so much character, it deserves a chance.

Miz TV

I did not expect this segment to be that good. The Miz truly looked like the veteran in the ring, although Darren Young has also been in the WWE for a while.

Bob Backlund was needed to draw attention to Young but Mr. No Days Off killed on the mic. His intensity took me by surprise. I didn’t have high expectations because Young’s always been a jobber but he proved me wrong.

The way Darren Young held himself by the end was brilliant. His acting was so convincing, so powerful. I actually want to see him champ now. He soon won’t need a life coach to get screen time.


Rollins & Owens def. Ambrose & Zayn

Owens vs. Ambrose was doomed before it began. With Seth there the situation was highly combustible. I’m impressed because the way the segment was booked, Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens is presented as one of the top rivalries in the moment.

Zayn vs. Rollins would be one hell of a match. Every time these two got in the ring together, magic happened. Hopefully, we’ll have the chance to see them properly feud one day.

The last couple of weeks Sami’s character has become more prominent. He felt like the leading man in the face team and that is weird, knowing that his partner was the most over babyface champ right now.

After the match, Rollins and Ambrose clashed in a fist fight. The night had to end with the two of them, since their rivalry holds higher stakes. It’s almost a shame that Ambrose vs. Rollins has to have Reigns in it.

What are your impressions from SmackDown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!



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