WWE NXT – Review, Highlights & Analysis from 27/07/2016

After the draft NXT has to rebuild its roster because many of its major stars got pulled out and placed on the main roster. Let’s see what the New Era brought to NXT!

Shinsuke Nakamura def. Wesley Blake

It was a decent match but Blake never stood a chance. I don’t understand the decision of breaking up Blake and Murphy. The two of them were a comic duo even as champions. They don’t have enough credibility to push through as solo characters.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Samoa Joe will be brilliant. This match has been in the making for a while now. Joe will lose the belt at Takover to the best man out there.

Billie Kay def. Santana Garrett

NXT’s Women Division got stripped bare after three of the 5 top women there got called up. So now, new faces have to come up. Billie Kay seems to be the one getting a push.

I don’t know what her gimmick is yet. She seems to be a heel and she seems to love herself. That tells me nothing yet. The way she acts feels fake. She has to do a lot of work before the crowd gives her any reaction.

I wonder what’s with the wrestling names these days. Do they have to be always dubious when it comes to spelling? Neither girl has a catchy name.

TM 61 def. Rob Kimball & Adrian Nails

The same thing I said about the Women’s Division applies to the Tag Team division. The WWE are betting now on TM61.

The match was good but nothing special. You can’t expect a superstar to show too much when their opponent is obviously a jobber, placed there to take the fall.

The WWE made a mistake by not building up the new talent more before getting rid of the big names on the show. Now NXT feels a bit empty and soulless. These guys are good but  they haven’t grown on the crowd just yet.

No Wayt Jose def. Steve Cutler

I had forgotten Steve Cutler was still around. He’s the type of a guy that will most probably never get a push and will get released without anyone noticing.

No Way Jose still doesn’t get my approval. He always tries hard to include a few dance steps in his wrestling routines and it looks fake as hell. His gimmick doesn’t work neither in, nor out of the ring.

Jose’s promo skills are good but they don’t match his gimmick. If he was about to have this fiery, angry persona, why make him a ridiculous-looking dancer?

Kota Ibushi def. Buddy Murphy

Kota Ibushi’s NXT debut was a great success. This was the most entertaining match of the night because it felt a tad more equal than Shinsuke vs. Blake.

The Japanese style of wrestling is finally making its way into the WWE and it’s awesome. When it comes to pure in-ring ability, Ibushi is one of the best.

Muprhy obviously lost. Do you think it’s possible he and Blake will go on a losing streak until they decide to get back together as a team?

Samoa Joe

Having Joe and Regal argue was a smart choice. That way the weight of carrying the battle on the mic fell onto Mr. Regal and not Shinsuke Nakamura, who’s obviously struggling with the language.

Anyway, Shinsuke doesn’t need to talk to make the feud interesting. His charisma goes beyond the language barriers. He only had to show up to make the segment heated. Not a word, not a single strike. Just to show up.

It would be interesting to see how Nakamura does against Joe because Shinsuke might have beaten everyone until now but Joe is a different breed. He is so dominant. I can’t wait for Takeover!


What are your impression from NXT? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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