WWE SmackDown Live – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 02/08/2016

SmackDown Live answered its critics and came back swinging. The Dolph Ziggler haters were given food for thought and the WWE Champion shone in his full glory, while the Wyatt Family made their mark. Let’s talk #SDLive!

Dean Ambrose/Dolph Ziggler

That was a good segment. Despite what people say, I like the Ziggler vs. Ambrose feud. It needs no bad guy to be good. The two of them are that good at telling stories.

Ziggler finally got the chance to cut one of his fiery promos on stage, instead of an exclusive backstage. Ambrose, as well, stood out. He seems to have changed completely since becoming a champ. The Lunatic Fringe suddenly started moving with a certain air of dignity around him.

As for Bray Wyatt, that reaction was insane. The SD crowd was dead most of the time but when Bray showed up, they erupted. The charisma this man has is undeniable.

The WWE are smart. They play into the fans’ reaction and build around it. People doubt Ziggler, the WWE make this doubt a real story.

Apollo Crews def. Baron Corbin & Kalisto

It’s a standard to put a face up against a heel but realistically, the only man in the ring who currently has the credibility to carry the gold is Corbin. The only clear thing is that whatever happens, the Lone Wolf will end up with the title sooner, rather than later.

Crews is a good guy. He seems friendly and is undeniably talented. However, he lacks personality. If the WWE want him champion, they should do something about it.

Becky Lynch vs. Eva Marie

I’m not sure if this is funny or annoying. The WWE know that the fans hate Eva Marie, so they make her so incompetent that she can’t even do her own entrance.

Eva doesn’t need help when it comes to being hated but the amount of effort the WWE put in it means that they have plans for her.

American Alpha def. The Vaudevillains

I awaited eagerly this debut but I was disappointed; not by American Alpha but by the fans. Gable and Jordan were their brilliant selves but the fans were weak. The reaction was nowhere what the NXT Universe produces and that’s a damn shame because this is one of the best overall teams the WWE has to offer.

I truly hope that American Alpha will soon get the respect they deserve.

AJ Styles/ John Cena

The promo exchange was good. Truths were said and facts were used, so things got personal and it made the segment fun to watch.

I have nothing against Cena and I respect his devotion. However, the problem with his character is that no matter how good the buildup is, there are no stakes for him. He’ll always come out looking strong.

At least, Styles was strong on the mic. He hadn’t been that convincing as a heel in the WWE until last night. Breaking up the Club was a good decision.

Randy Orton vs. Fandango

Fandnago, really? The WWE didn’t even try to make this match look serious. It was all about Brock.

The invasion storyline comes early on but I like it. What’s the point of having feuding brands if no one’s going to try to screw the other show?

Heath Slater

Poor Heath! Yet, the segment was funny. Heath’s scream when Rhyno flew towards him made the entire segment. This guy is hilarious!

I want to see Slater get a push but he might be too funny to be taken seriously by the WWE.

Carmella vs. Natalya

SmackDown’s slowly building a Women’s Division. Natalya should be the top heel there. She’s surprisingly good in this role.

Yet, RAW is definitely leading on this point. The women of SDLive will need some really good storylines to compete with what’s going on on the Red Brand.

Dolph Ziggler def. Bray Wyatt

Smart. People are so used to seeing Ziggler lose when it matters that everyone thought he’d fall to Wyatt. Yet, he didn’t. That’s how you answer the critics and make a statement!

As for the ending, I found it confusing. The only explanation for Wyatt’s triumph could be that he’ll go after Ambrose post Summer Slam. He might even interrupt the Ziggler /Ambrose match, killing off Dolph’s chances.


What are your impressions from SDLive? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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