WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 09/08/2016

The Ambrose/Wyatt/Ziggler situation got even more heated; Eva Marie attempted and failed to make a debut for the second time in a row and The Legend Killer showed his true colours. That and much more! Let’s talk SDLive!


It’s probably the first time Bray Wyatt acknowledges a loss in a promo. Normally, he stays above these things. Bray’s delivery was godlike, as usual but the crowd wasn’t as strong as last week.

Ambrose is a great champion. He’s a face, people love him but he’s also rugged and doesn’t feel the need to be a crowd-pleaser. Ziggler, on the other hand is on a mission to prove himself. This storyline helps his passion and energy show through but it’s dangerous because the more Dolph tries to be good and gets rejected, the higher the chance of him turning heel.

The more this situation develops, the better it gets. Interestingly, Bray Wyatt actually isn’t the title picture currently. It surely doesn’t feel that way.

American Alpha def. ????

Strange approach. American Alpha were presented with a duo of jobbers to squash. That’s not the best way to show off some skills but at least the rest of the tag teams had the opportunity to present themselves.

It’s difficult to talk about a division and a new title when there are only four teams on the roster, thou.

Becky Lynch vs. Eva Marie

Wardrobe malfunction? This is so the Divas Era that it hurts. I thought we were beyond this.

The WWE are successfully turning Eva Marie in the most annoying person in the entire talent pool, spanning across all brands.

Alexa Bliss def. Becky Lynch

There it was – we finally got a decent women’s match on SmackDown. The reaction Becky Lynch got throughout the fight was amazing.

Alexa’s debut did her justice. Yes, Eva cost Becky the match, but nothing can be taken away from Bliss.

Randy Orton def. Alberto Del Rio

That match was surprisingly good. Del Rio had pretty much disappeared, so I ddin’t have high expectations. In reality, there was aggression and brutality for a whole feud.

The animosity between these two came out of nowhere and was played out brilliantly. Both men did a very good job of keeping Orton’s match relevant, in a situation where his opponent can’t be around for a feud build-up.

Rhyno def. Heath Slater

It was expected that Rhyno was going to win. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see Heath actually wrestle. I was prepared for an under 2min squash but got a decent fight instead.

Despite the whole contract misunderstanding last night, I think Slater fits better in SamckDown. He’s a great addition to the roster.

Carmella def. Natalya

This time, Natalya’s ambush backfired. Not only that, but Carmella also won via submission, which is a huge hit for a pigeonholed submissionist, such as Natty.

I’d like to hear a bit more from Natalya. She needs to cut a few good promos to be taken seriously as a heel.

Baron Corbin

Corbin threw a beat down on Kalisto backstage. It was a very short segment but it was more memorable than Apollo Crews’ entire montage. Corbin will soon be the IC champ.

Ziggler & Ambrose def. The Wyatt Family

The Wyatts came out at a loss second week in a row. Bray must not be happy. He sounds so powerful when he speaks and then booking-wise he normally gets the short stick.

I expected Ziggler to super kick Ambrose after the match, as the champ was kneeling in pain. However, it was Dean who ended up attacking Dolph. In retrospect, it made sense – after all Dean did say he owed Dolph one.


What are your impressions form SDLive? Share your thoughts in the comment section, in FB, or Twitter.



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