WWE SmackDown Live – Review Highlights & Analysis From 30/08/2016

SmackDown Live continues betting on great promos and striking intensity to build up their feuds, leading up to Backlash. The IC title is finally getting some attention, while the WWE World Championship gets tangled with a little bit of comedy. This and much more! Let’s talk SmackDown Live!

Miz/Dolph Ziggler

Many were amazed by how good Miz was on the mic last week and they were still surprised to hear the IC champ deliver last night. I’m personally surprised by the fact that people didn’t know Miz had great mic skills. That’s the reason why he’s been in the WWE for so long.

The Dolph vs. Miz feud for the IC title is not new. It’s been done many times. However, the new way of writing SmackDown allows for more promo time, which charges the feud emotionally, thus making it far better than it has ever been.

The delivery in this segment was amazing. The feelings appeared real and the crowd was totally into it. Miz vs. Dolph will bring it at Backlash.

The Hype Bros def. The Vaudevillains

The Hype Bros over the Vaudevillains? This is not the way I would have booked this. The Vaudevillains have something unique and they deserve better than getting beat every time they get in the ring.

The Hype Bros will lose to Slater and Rhyno in the next round. Slater’s storyline has much more to offer than the forced pairing of Ryder & Rawley.

AJ Styles def. Apollo Crews

With the backstage segment preceding the match and Apollo, coming to confront AJ with a mic, I thought that we’d finally see some character development from Crews. Well, I was wrong. Unless spelling is his new gimmick, Crews failed to show any personality whatsoever. You can’t fault Apollo’s wrestling but personality-wise he’s a tragedy.

Styles, on the other hand, has character in abundance. He’s completely come into his own now and he’s taking the funny heel persona to a different level, without losing credibility.

Renee at Heath Slater’s place

This segment was supposed to be comedy relief but I found it sad. The more I watched the more I felt for Heath Slater. I just hope something good comes out of this for him.

Bray Wyatt/ Randy Orton

The promos were good and the segment felt intense, as it should have. However, knowing Bray Wyatt’s record, I can’t take him seriously. He talks a lot but he’s no threat because he never wins anything.

Randy, however, impressively has kept his popularity over the years. The Viper is such a legend that he always has the fans in the palm of his hand.

Alexa Bliss & Natalya def. Becky Lynch & Naomi

What can I say about this match? I’m not sold on Naomi’s clubbing gimmick. How is this making her a face? She barely does anything different than when she was a heel. The only reason I knew she was a face was because she’s tagging with Becky.

The focus wasn’t even on the match itself, it was on Nikki at ringside. Nikki Bella as a face is a horrible idea. She looks, talks and moves like an annoying heel diva. Why try to force her into a face role?

Carmella, in my opinion, is the one that stood out. The ferocity with which she went after Nikki and attitude when she boasted afterwards – she’s born to be heel. I’d like to see her a champion over Nikki any day.

Heath Salter & Rhyno def. The Headbangers

SmackDown didn’t have enough teams to fill the brackets, so they called upon a team of veterans to lose to Rhyno and Slater. It was a nice moment – seeing the Headbangers on TV again and I’m sure it was a pleasant experience for them too.

Slater took a beating and Rhyno won with one move. I think this will be the MO of this team. Despite not being that impressive, I want them to somehow win, so Slater finally gets signed. However, I can’t imagine Slater Rhyno, beating American Alpha.

The Milkman segment

With this segment everyone wondered what was going on. A random jobber, taking the stage and Kane randomly chokeslamming him, only to engage in a stare-down with Baron Cobrin. Simply WTH happened?

Whatever it was, it was unexpected and that made it fun. Randomness can be entertaining.

Baron Corbin vs. Dean Ambrose

This match was surprisingly good. It could be seen very clearly that Corbin bet on wrath and power, while the champ paid attention, calculated and outsmarted him with counters at every corner. That fueled Corbin’s anger and made his performance even better. Brilliant work!

AJ Styles got involved, saving Corbin from having to take a pin. However, the way Styles came face to face with The Lone Wolf, it seemed like Corbin might actually get involved in the feud too.

What’s with the WWE and their obsession with balls shots these days? Anyway, the manner in which Ambrose handled the segment made the ending funny, even cartoonish. Ambrose is the real deal when it comes to character and presentation.

What are your impressions from WWE SmackDown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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