WWE RAW – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 05/09/2016

The first RAW of the Kevin Owens show left a lot of questions open: Who’s on whose side? Who will turn? Who will lead the brand? Meanwhile, the Tag Team Division got a lot of attention and Sasha Banks toyed with the emotions of the fans. The Red Brand is getting hotter and hotter! Let’s talk RAW!

KO Celebration

This was a very complex segment. KO seems to stand on his own as he did before. There won’t be the same in-your-face Authority involvement, as with Seth Rollins’ heel reign.

Speaking about Seth, he got a solid face reaction from the crowd and I didn’t expect any less. However, it’s yet to be confirmed he actually is a face. For the moment, he’s still a tweener.

The Foley/Stephanie storyline is also intriguing. Stephanie always turns out to be a heel. The question is what will Mick’s reaction be when he realizes that.

The KO situation caused a lot of commotion. A lot of unexpected twists and turns came out of it and that just made RAW so much better.

Bayley def. Charlotte

The match wasn’t the best these two have had. There was too much focus on Bayley’s kefabe injury. Also, the loss was blames on Dana and so it only took away from Bayley’s accomplishment.

I’m interested in the Charlotte/Dana dynamic.

With this attitude, it’s only a matter of time Dana turns on Charlotte. However, Dana face would be very, very strange.

BO def. ????

Finally, Bo’s getting some action! The WWE seems to be taking his character down a more serious route. That one-liner about reaping what you sow was so Bray Wyatt –esque. In general, if these two were on the same show, I’d expect them to team up soon after.

Regardless of the changes, I’m happy to see BO get some sort of a development. I think he has a lot of potential and he should get a chance.

Seth Rollins def. Jericho

This, to my own surprise, was my favourite match of the night. Jericho and Rollins wrestled beautifully.

Seth’s pace was quicker than the usual, prompting an energetic reaction from the fans. The WWE is slowly building up the face image of Rollins.

I was disappointed to see Seth, keeping the Pedigree. However, it makes sense in the storyline, as a tease to Triple H. Hopefully, once this is over, Rollins will get a more suiting finisher.

Sheamus def. Cesaro

3:0 for Sheamus. As if there’s anything to see here. I’d be surprised if the end result doesn’t end up, being 3:4 for Cesaro.

You can’t say anything bad about the wrestling skills of these two but I’m not feeling the feud at all.

The Shining Stars def. Enzo & Cass

I found the giving labor sketch unfunny. It was tasteless and pointless. All of that, just for a pun?

What I found really funny was that the Shining Stars actually won this match. I love the fact that they’re finally getting a real gimmick. This type of a sneaky victory is very characteristic for Primo, Epico and their whole family.

I think the Shining Stars might have some potential if they bank on the shifty Latinos gimmick. It’s a stereotype that has worked so well in the WWE. Just look at Eddie Guerrero!

Nia Jax def. ???

Nia squashed another jobber but the interesting part came backstage when she clashed with Alicia Fox. Is it time for a Foxy vs. Nia feud? I hope so!

Foxy’s mistakes in the backstage segment just made it 10000 funnier. This rivalry will be epic!

Anderson& Gallows/ New Day

Maybe it’s me but I didn’t find the old people sketch funny, either. It went for too long, it was predictable and I didn’t enjoy it the slightest.

The one thing I found funny was that after New Day got in the ring, Anderson and Gallows actually stood on the ramp and watch their entire exchange with the Old Day , which went on for ages. I thought these two had long gone.

Darren Young def. Jinder Mahal

Jinder Mahal jobbed to Darren Young in an unimpressive match, as Titus was giving one of his unimpressive performances on commentary. It all ended in an unimpressive brawl. You get my point.

This feud is the runt of RAW. There’s nothing good about it. With Sheamus vs. Cesaro, at least, the wrestling is worth watching.

Braun Strowman def. Sin Cara

Ha! Braun Strowman actually fought a member of the roster! That’s a first! Obviously, Sin Cara lost and got squashed after that. The ref counted him out illegally, but he at least, didn’t get pinned.

The WWE’s finally moving ahead with Strowman. He needs to start getting real challengers.

Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks played with the fans last night. She deliberately led people to believe she was retiring, only to say she was fine. It was a surprise but as the WWE Universe was emotionally invested in her segment, it felt like the fans were used and betrayed.

Otherwise, great news! Sasha is back to stardom at Dana’s expense and maybe Bayley’s because with the Boss back in the picture, the Hugger’s chances for a championship run are getting low.

Kevin Owens def. Sami Zayn

You can always rely on Sami and KO to deliver a great match. I couldn’t help but think that I had seen them wrestle each other way too many times to care but by the end of the match, I had already forgotten that thought long time ago and I was eagerly waiting to see what was going to happen next.

Roman Reigns, really? It was to be expected when you think about it. If Seth can get a title show because of Triple H’s involvement, why shouldn’t Roman? Then again, this is not the guy the fans want to see. Best part of Roman’s appearance was Jericho and KO’s bromance.

I wonder what this means for Rusev. If next week, Rusev screws Roman, for example, this will definitely be the end of his reign. If Roman wins, however, the US title will need a new contender.


What are your impressions form RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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