WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights & Analysis from 06/09/2016

The last SD Live before Backlash gave us a lot of women’s action, a heel turn and a dose of comedy. The show was slightly underwhelming but the PPV must fix that, being the first PPV of the New Era. Let’s talk SmackDown!

SD Live Women’s Championship

It’s quite obvious that the fan-favourite here is Becky. She’s the face that stood out the most.

The crowd wasn’t pleased when DB plugged Total Bellas and Nikki didn’t get the cheer she was hoping for when she showed up last, supposedly, as the most important person there.

It seemed like Nikki didn’t take Natty’s kick well and got genuinely pissed off. In general – very clumsy.

The 6-pack challenge has the potential to be amazing but it could also go very wrong. If all women end up looking strong at the end, it will be a success but if it turns out to be a show of one signature/finisher per person and then quick elimination, it will be a disappointment.

Miz def. Apollo Crews

The Miz won, employing his usual methods. Crews stood no chance and Ziggler just kept rambling about his constant losing and yet unfailing belief in himself.

The segment was a huge step down from Miz’s promo on Talking Smack. We are back to Miz, having no credibility and Dolph, playing the underdog. What they have in common is that nobody belives them anymore. Miz claims he’s no coward and Dolph – that he’s going to be champ one day. No one buys that.

Bray Wyatt

Storytime with Bray Wyatt was great last night, as usual. However, at this point, it seems like all he does is tell stories. He needs a victory at Backlash to rebuild his image.

Carmella, Natalya & Alexa Bliss def. Nikki Bella, Naomi & Becky Lynch

Nikki was terribly clumsy here too. It’s painfully obvious how much better the rest are. However, the constant focus on her and Carmella makes me worry that at Backlash Nikki might get a victory.

Naomi barely got involved. It was the same as with the first segment. There she didn’t get to talk and here she didn’t get to wrestle. Sad.

Until the ending of the match, I thought that Carmella had taken a step back since last week when she had been so fierce. However, the way she took advantage made up for it.

Becky stayed in the shadows and that was an unpleasant surprise. She carried the match without getting any spotlight. Hopefully, that won’t be the case at Backlash.

American Alpha def. The Usos

What was that? American Alpha, winning in under a minute? I actually like seeing Alpha wrestle, so I was disappointed.

The heel turn of the Usos is a delayed and desperate attempt to revive the team. However, the fans have already lost interest in the Usos and I’m not convinced the turn can change that. Anyway, it’s the best shot they have.

I’d imagine the Usos will end up facing Slater and Rhyno but Gable & Jordan will get involved, costing them the match. That would be the only way for Slater to get his contract.

Randy Orton

Ok, Randy isn’t on the same level of storytelling as Bray but we got the point. What Randy isn’t taking into account though, is that Bray has his family behind him at all times and that’s a game changer.


This segment was the lowest point of SmackDown. It wasn’t funny and it only showed that the WWE still has jobbers on the roster, despite all the New Era promises.

Rhyno &Heath Slater def. The Hype Bros

Rhyno saved the day again, granting his team a victory. However, I find Heath Slater’s character more and more depressing. What the WWE’s portraying in him isn’t funny, it’s very sad.

At Backlash,  Slater gets a contract and a title.

Dean Ambrose/AJ Styles

I was begging for this segment to go without any balls jokes but it couldn’t. Luckily, during the second half of the exchange, Ambrose and Styles changed the tone of the conversation. Things got serious and wondered why we didn’t get that from the very beginning. It’s so much more interesting when both champion and challenger look like a threat.

I only hope that Backlash won’t end with a low blow too, although I wouldn’t be surprised if it did.


What are your impressions from SD Live? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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