WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 20/09/2016

Dean Ambrose and John Cena faced off in a match that ended with a surprisingly clean finish. The women of SD Live showed that they are capable of producing more than one rivalry at a time. At the same time, American Alpha and the Usos showed the world what the SD Tag Team Division is all about. Let’s talk SmackDown!

Contract Signing

Despite the fact that Becky’s promo felt a bit too long, the SD  Women’s Title contract signing was far better than the one on RAW.

The set-up was very simplistic, Alexa and Becky played their part to perfection and with Daniel Bryan, smiling like a cheeky school kid who can just see the catfight coming, gave the segment a homely, NXT-esque feeling.

Both Alexa and Becky need this rivalry. They are just now starting to experience the spotlight of the main event of the WWE and they need the exposure to build credibility and connect with the fans.

The Usos def. American Alpha

This was the best match on the show. The Usos are simply great as heels and the crowd is buying their new act willingly.

However, what made the match special was the storytelling on American Alpha’s side. Gable sold his injury very well and Jordan’s concern felt touching. Both men were ready to sacrifice themselves for one another and that emotional bond imprinted on the crowd straight away.

The Usos will most probably defeat Rhyno and Slater to then feud with American Alpha. The crowd just loves both and will enjoy the rivalry immensely.

Baron Corbin def. Apollo Crews

Apollo Crews didn’t smile idiotically for once. He was angry and aggressive. However, it’s a bit too late now. The whole attention is on Jack Swagger.

Baron Corbin remains constantly badass. He destroyed Crews and then initiated the stare down with Swagger. This feud actually has the potential to be exciting.

I’m happy for Swagger. This is the first time I can remember that he’s not tied into a gimmick but he gets the attention focused on himself as a personality. This could truly revitalize his career.

The Miz def. Dolph Ziggler

Oh, this match… Despite Maryse having been kicked out, the Miz still cheated to win. That’s what the fans will remember. That, and the fact the Dolph lost again. No one will remember that the match was actually impressive. The great wrestling can’t save these two form the dissatisfaction of the IWC. That’s the importance of booking.

Yet,  I have to say that Miz is doing a brilliant job at milking the feud with Daniel Bryan. Simply fighting Ziggler would have never gained him the heat he got by mocking DB. True heel!

Things are going from bad to worse for Dolph. He’s now entered the same realm as Bray Wyatt – they are the type of people ,who deliver awesome promos and have the potential to make great feuds but lose everything, so people don’t care at all about them anymore.

Randy Orton vs. Erick Rowan

Erick Rowan lost? What a surprise! Poor Rowan is worse than a jobber. He’s the sidekick of a jobber. That man will never be taken seriously in the WWE.

Bray’s promo was worse than the usual. The problem wasn’t in Bray’s delivery, it was the content. He normally sounds mysterious and dangerous. Last night, he just sounded delusional with his “I’m a God” angle.

Next time Bray Wyatt wins, it will be because of Luke Harper. However, in the end Orton will destroy the entire Family.

Naomi & Nikki def. Carmella & Natalya /via DQ/

Nikki and Naomi’s promo on before the match backstage was terribly cringey. I felt like I was about to watch a divas match.

The exchange in the ring was clumsy from all parties. However, I liked Carmella’s intensity. People need to appreciate the fact that she’s making a non-title women’s’ feud relevant only with the way she acts.

Naomi and Natalya are struggling with their gimmicks. Natalay just poses too much and looks unnatural. Naomi, as well, is failing at making her gimmick believable. They need to sort out their acting.

Dean Ambrose def. John Cena

The match was average but the ending was unexpected. Giving Ambrose a clean victory over Cena, even if it’s just a roll-up, opens so many questions. Is it possible that in the New Era, John Cena will actually be human who’s capable of losing again?

Ambrose got his rematch booked for next week but that’s just a way to acknowledge the rematch clause without actually having to devote a PPV to it. The reality is, Ambrose will lose next Tuesday.

The man that stood out the most was AJ Styles. There was more intensity in the two moves he delivered than in the entire Ambrose/Cena match.


What are your impressions from WWE SmackDown Live? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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