WWE RAW – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 26/09/2016

With Seth Rollins injured the feud for the WWE Universal championship had to take a step back. On the contrary, the Tag Team Titles got some attention and some strange new development. Let’s see what else happened last night? Let’s talk RAW!

Roman Reigns vs. Rusev

This was a very strong opening match. Rusev and Reigns picked up where they left off the night before. The intensity of the fight was PPV-worthy.

The Bulgarian Brute looked strong. He took it to Reigns and the crowd loved it. The double count out protected Rusev from a clean pin to Reigns and it was a smart decision. It would have been stupid if the WWE had booked Rusev to lose the US title in an embarrassing manner to a superman again. The Bulgarian Brute has proven to be too valuable as a heel for that.

I’m still waiting for Roman Reigns to cut a promo as a champ to see whether he’ll be able to pull it off with the crowd this time around. The chants show a mixed reaction for now but it’s still way better than what Reigns was getting when he was in the main event.

Cesaro/Sheamus/ Foley

Cesaro and Sheamus delivered possibly the best match at Clash of Champions, so they both deserved something good to come out of their incredible performance.

I wasn’t surprised when Foley made them team up. I hadn’t thought of that option before Clash of Champions but as soon as their match ended the way it did, I could see it coming.

The duo will be fun and entertaining for a bit but this will wear off soon.

The New Day def. Gallows & Anderson

The WWE continue to bury Gallows and Anderson. These two came in with so much hype that they could have ruled the division. However, much like Bray Wyatt, they deliver only in the build-up of the feud but always end up losing. The fans don’t buy superstars who can’t pull off any victories, regardless of how good the said superstars are.

Kofi Kingston got hurt badly. I could see splashes of blood flying as soon as he hit the steps. Props to him for continuing promptly and closing the match as planned.

The New Day are so OP now that it really seems like no other team can beat them. This might be a good reason to have Sheamus and Cesaro take them down. The New Day would simply underestimate them for obvious reasons and lose.

Bayley def. ???

What happened to Bayley? She got called up to RAW and put in the title picture, only to revert to squashing jobbers the week after.

I think the plan here is to rebuild Bayley’s momentum by mounting victories on top of her two big losses on the main roster, until the fans forget she got pinned twice in a row when it mattered. There is a chance it might work.

Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann def. Drew Gulak & Lince Dorado

Great match! The cruiserweights keep on delivering as they did in the CWC and that makes me happy. Their style is so much different to everything else on Raw that I get the feeling I’m watching a different show altogether.

It’s going to be hard to introduce all the new faces and make them relevant at the same time. Showing off their skills won’t be a problem. Building storylines and characters will be much more difficult.

The only person in the division with a ready-made character is Brian Kendrick. His interaction with TJP backstage was brilliant.

Charlotte/Sasha Banks

Oh my! Charlotte has really come into her own as a heel. She was outstanding in her delivery. It’s impressive how she keeps improving.

Most probably, Sasha will win her title match next week. Charlotte can’t be champ forever and there’s no one better to take the reins than the Boss. This means new heels will have to step up to the plate and the division might actually grow beyond Sasha, Charlotte and Bayley.

TJ Perkins def. Tony Nese

Tony Nese was one of my personal favourites in the WCW, so I was excited to see him debut on RAW. It was obvious that TJP wouldn’t lose his first match on RAW but Nese looked amazing in defeat. One day, Nese will be a great champion.

I don’t understand the crowd. They disrespected the competitors in the ring with their CM Punk chants. It was completely uncalled for, as the match was brilliant.

Cesaro & Sheamus def. ???

This is one dysfunctional team but it won’t be the first time something like this has worked out. Team Hell No did very well, for example. It’s quite likely that Cesaro and Sheamus will dethrone the New Day.

The only problem is that I don’t see how Sheamus and Cesaro will keep it together in the future. They want to show off but they don’t want to protect each other, which is terrible for a team.

The Highlight Reel

I love Jericho’s gimmick. The Highlight Reel is by far the most entertaining fake talk show in the WWE.

It’s a shame that Rollins couldn’t get involved. It all worked all well plot-wise, since Seth looked even more like a baby face because he got hurt and wasn’t allowed to fight when he wanted to.  However, I do hope that this injury won’t keep him out of action for a long time.

Enzo and Cass confronted Jericho and Owens. As funny as the segment was, it’s starting to feel like Enzo and Cass’ act is getting old fast. They don’t get the same reaction as they did before.

Owens & Jericho def. Enzo & Cass

Again, Jericho was impressive. For a man his age, who skips from entertainment to wrestling at will, he’s unbelievable in the ring.

Owens was brutal and showed dominance. He played his role as a champion very well. This is exactly how unstoppable a champ must be.

As for Enzo, there’s one too many people dabbing in the WWE. The only thing he’s going to get with that move is heel heat. Nobody likes the dab.

In case Rollins can’t get back in action before Hell in a Cell, Enzo and Cass vs. Owens & Jericho could stall the situation until he’s cleared to compete.


What are your impressions from WWE RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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