WWE RAW – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 03/10/2016

The feud between Rusev and Reigns gets even more heated, the KO/Y2J bromance starts showing some cracks and the women of RAW deliver one of the best matches to close off the show in a long time. Let’s talk RAW!

Roman Reigns/Lana/Rusev

The dynamic in this segment was strong but it wasn’t going the way the WWE would have wanted it to. Roman Reigns got booed ferociously while Lana got cheered and got THANK YOU LANA chants.

When Rusev came out and brought the fight to Reigns, the fans loved it. The brawl was good. Rusev is getting some decent booking. Even though he lost the title, he looks just as strong, if not stronger than before. Reigns did get the last laugh but we can’t ask for too much here.

At this point, the WWE should give up on Roman as a face. He’s improved recently. His matches with Rusev were thoroughly entertaining. However, the fans just don’t want him as a face. Utilize all that heel heat, it’s simple!

Brian Kendrick def. TJP

This was some brutal booking. The CW champ tapped out in his second match on the show. Although this solidifies Kednrick as a heel and as a performer, I still think that it’s harsh on TJP.

It would have been more sensible to have TJP fight someone else, beat him and then have Kendrick attack him. Having the champ straight up beaten was a weird move, especially when the fans still don’t know anything about TJP.

Kendrick vs. Perkins should be a feud to build both men and the importance of the division. It mustn’t be too rushed.

Braun Strwoman def. ???

Another jobber and another squash. At least this jobber had good mic skills.

for once, I agree with Strowman. His storyline needs to progress. I don’t care how but it needs to be moved ahead because nobody cares about Strowman squashing jobbers any more, even Strowman himself.

Kevin Owens & Jericho/ New Day

Owens and Jericho have undeniable chemistry together. They produced another entertaining segment and achieved quite a few things with it.

First of all, KO worked his magic on the mic and kept his rivalry with Seth Rollins hot, although Rollins is still out of action.

Then, the first wedge was driven between the best buddies Kevin and Chris. KO, playing the smarter oen realized that to keep Jericho from turning on him, he has to play nice but the thought was already planted in Jericho’s mind.

The “jumping the shark” joke was a serious burn. Props to the New Day for taking that one.

Sami Zayn def. Titus O’Neil

Titus’ situation is pathetic. He’s trying yet another gimmick but he’s still a jobber and still nobody likes him. It’s just sad.

Sami got a victory here but really, it didn’t mean much. I had forgotten Zayn was even on the roster. That’s how irrelevant he is right now, which is also sad, knowing how good he is in the ring.

Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows def. The Golden Truth

That’s another match that didn’t make me happy. Yes, Anderson and Gallows won but it’s still painfully obvious that they are not the dominant team they were always meant to be. This victory over the jobber team of Truth and Goldust is just an attempt to start repairing the damage done until now by bad booking.

As for the Golden Truth, it makes one wonder – did we really have to sit through months of unfunny backstage segments to get to THIS?

New Day def. Jericho & Owens

This was one entertaining match. It was a pleasure seeing Xavier Woods wrestle, as usual.

I didn’t see Rollins coming, although I probably should have. It was a really smart move from the Architect to take Jericho out. If KO loses the trust of his sidekick, it will be much easier to beat him.

The New Day undeniably are a top asset to RAW. They are a main event act, even though they are a tag team and that’s always going to make them valuable.

Tony Nese def. Rich Swann

Second cruiserweight match in one night – that’s something we want to see. The speed and the fluidity of the motion in this fight is what keeps the fans interested in the new division.

However, the E in WWE is calling for more promo time and character development. The fans quickly disengage if there are no personalities to get behind or hate. These prematch shorts won’t help.

Cesaro & Sheamus def. ???

Cesaro and Sheamus are a funny duo. Their segments are the type of comedy relief I don’t mind seeing. However, if their opponents weren’t jobbers, they would have never won. These two must start getting on the same page, if they want to beat the New Day.

Sasha Banks def. Charlotte

This is the best main event on RAW, I’ve seen in a long while. The crowd was on their feet. Charlotte and Sasha were simply amazing.

When the Queen took it to the skies and did that moonsault to the outside, I forgot I was watching a regular weekly show. It felt like a PPV.

Sasha is champion again and this time she should do a decent reign. Let’s see how well the division will do with a face champ on top.


What are your impressions from RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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