WWE RAW – Review, Highlights & Analysis from 17/10/2016

Last night’s RAW brought the biggest WWE return of the year. After 12 years of absence, Bill Goldberg stepped inside the ring and he gave the fans everything that they desired. What else happened on the show? Let’s talk RAW!


Seth Rollins and Jericho tried really hard to get the phrase “sparkle crotch” going and although they got some chants after a while, I’m not yet sure it’s something that will catch on.

I find it interesting that Jericho told Owens that he knew what he was doing but that wouldn’t affect their friendship. It makes you wonder if Chris is as gullible as what he’s made out to be, or if he’s carefully planning his next move. This could be a very good motif to paint into the inevitably upcoming Jericho vs. Owens feud.

Am I the only one who finds Rollins too cocky for a face? I think he needs to tone down the egocentric vibe if he’s to exit the tweener zone.

Seth Rollins def. Chris Jericho

People tend to forget but Jericho actually is brilliant in the ring and that match showed it. Storyline aside, it was a pleasure to watch.

The ending wasn’t as lazy as I expected it to be. The fight could have ended as soon as KO showed up but it played a few different options before settling for the pin. That poses the question whether it really was Owens who cost Jericho the match.

Seth needs a change of finisher. The Pedigree never matched his style and it’s too tightly associated with Triple H. As a face, Seth should go for something different.

Backstage Owens and Jericho argued but Stephanie stopped them. It was a cool move to insert her into this. After all, she’s Rollins’ true intellectual adversary.

This war is not fought only in the ring and this segment reminded us of it.

Mark Henry & The Golden Truth def. The Shining Stars & Titus O’Neil

Seeing Mark Henry with the Golden Truth I wondered if there was anyone more likely than him to job at the end of this match. Then came Titus and I knew the answer straight away.

It’s sad when you think about Titus’career. I wonder how this went down. He got offered to get a new gimmick, which was a total loser gimmick but he accepted because that was the only way he’d get on TV.

Big E def. Sheamus

The Sheamus/Cesaro forced conflict keeps going on. It’s a bit unrealistic. Yes, they don’t like each other but knowing what’s at stake, they should at least try not to sabotage each other, right?

This storyline is losing its appeal quickly. It’s a plot based on a novelty duo and the WWE need to capitalize on the noise around it while it lasts.

Bo Dallas def. Neville

That match was actually quite intriguing. On NXT that was a legitimate top tier feud. Here it’s just a low midcard bout, yet Neville’s insane acrobatics pulled a spontaneous reaction form an otherwise indifferent crowd.

I was surprised to see Neville lose. Bo really is getting some sort of a push here. He was angry and determined to win. It worked for a change.

Bo attacking Axel at the end was another good addition to Bo’s new gimmick. He’s so villainous, he needs no friends. Expect Axel to get squashed in a feud that will attempt to get Bo over.

Dana Brooke def. Bayley

If Neville’s loss was surprising, Bayley’s was a total shocker. No one saw that coming. When Dana got rough and aggressive, I just waited patiently for the moment when the Hugger was going to finally turn things around and get her happy ending. That never happened and it was the best decision the WWE could have made for this rivalry.

Bayley had to lose clean. Otherwise Dana would have had zero credibility. This victory caught the fans by surprise and got their attention. Smart move.

Bruan Strowman def. The Mile-High Trio

Sigh. From two jobbers at once to three jobbers at once. When is Strowman actually going to to do something relevant?

Rusev/Roman Reigns

Oh, that was one cringy segment. I absolutely hate it when families get dragged into onscreen rivalries. Rusev did get his boos but I find it distasteful to use actual, non-wrestling-related relatives to get a reaction.

At least Reigns didn’t make fun of Rusev’s family. That would have been way over the top and I’m glad Roman went around that.

For once, Rusev got the better of Reigns. The Bulgarian Brute had to get that momentum, in  order to look like he stands a chance.

Big Cass def. Karl Anderson

What was that?! Big Cass disposed of Anderson, so quickly, you’d think he was fighting a local jobber. The WWE is really doing everything in their power to bury Gallows and Anderson. Why, I have no idea.

Anderson and Gallows were supposedly on a track of erasing all jokes and becoming a real threat. Then this happened. And on top, there was Enzo in his pink pajamas. How bad can it get?

Brian Kendrick, Tony Nese & Drew Gulak def. TJ Perkins, Rich Swann & Cedric Alexander

The backstage collision between the teams was a great idea. The characters are slowly starting to shine through with some help and leadership from the two main guys – TJP and Brian Kendrick.

The fans weren’t invested in the fight, unfortunately. The men involved have such terrific speed that there’s no way the crowd won’t get dragged into the action, but there’s no hype for the personalities involved.

Tony Nese should have been frustrated with Kendrick for stealing his pin. Instead, he helped him even more with an interference. However, this was just a little snippet of the things Brian could do to get himself hated and involved in multiple feuds.


That was the segment the WWE Universe was waiting for. After 12 years away, Goldberg returned to a hyped, loud crowd reaction.

He’s much smaller and much older than before but the moment he started speaking, none of it mattered. By the end of Goldberg’s s speech, I couldn’t stop thinking that the WWE should use him to give promo classes.

This is going to be a top seller feud. However, I only hope that Goldberg vs. Lesnar won’t be a disappointment. There’s so much hype about this match but the men in it are not the same men that fought over 10 years ago.


What are your impressions from RAW? Share your thoguths in the comment section, on FB, or Twitter!


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