WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 18/10/2016

A light-hearted and fun edition of SmackDown followed the super hyped episode of RAW, featuring Goldberg. James Ellsworth scored victory number two over AJ Styles. What else happened last night? Let’s talk SDLive!

Randy Orton vs. Luke Harper

Randy Orton somehow moved from “I’m not buying Bray’s games” to “I’m suffocating in his world”. That change came after the appearance of Luke Harper, which is by far the least supernatural thing that Bray has pulled off. Maybe I’m thinking too much about the details.

Bray Wyatt in a coffin, surrounded by cloaked men in black? Could this get any more Undertaker-esque? Is Bray Wyatt adopting the Deadman’s persona, ot was this set up only to have Kane jump out of the casket at one point?

The match was never going to really be a match with Bray Wyatt and Kane, trying to outdo each other on the theatrical front. However, I must admit, having Kane pop out of the casket was a cool sight to see. SmackDown really is doing Kane justice.

The Wyatt Family got the last laugh by managing to disappear and save themselves but Kane and Orton looked just as strong, so the segment was well-balanced. And as a bonus, Kane suddenly has a feud on his hands too.

Alexa Bliss def. Naomi

Alexa Bliss is on a mission to rip off as many Hollywood characters as possible. First it was Harley Quinn, now – Freddy Kruger, but you know what, she’s doing a magnificent job! I would not mind if she continued doing that.

The match was good. It was long and both girls really wrestled. It’s much better than anything we got on RAW this week.

Bliss won and it was a good decision. She needs to build momentum before facing Becky for the title. Also, Naomi had to be cheated out of the victory, so she gained credibility, as well.

Curt Hawkins vs. Apollo Crews

Annoying personalized announcer as an entrance theme; excuses to run away from a debut… Did Curt Hawkins just steal Eva Marie’s gimmick? In a way, this is awesome.

Before this segment I had completely forgotten about Apollo Crews. That’s bad. Something needs to be done about this guy.

Carmella/ Nikki Bella

That was one surprisingly good promo segment. Not only the mic work was good, but it was also a plug for the Bellas’ reality shows.

I loved the way Nikki played with words.  Saying she wasn’t scared by “a boss, a queen and most definitely not by some Princess of Statham Island” was her best line in the exchange.

Carmella didn’t allow Nikki to come out of this, looking like a role model. Her last remark was what people call “burn”. Brilliant!

This rivalry is what the RAW Creative team should look at when wondering how to manage their own women.

Miz & The Spirit Squad def. Ziggler, Rhyno & Slater

For me, Miz, teaming up with the Spirit Squad is a downgrade for the feud. It was all high stakes and serious matters and now it’s a joke. However, there was no way to bring this rivalry any higher.

I was surprised that Slater took the pin. Then again, the WWE had to make us believe the Spirit Squad weren’t totally useless.

The crowd was so into this match. Slater and Rhyno are more over than I ever thought they’d be.

Baron Corbin def. Jack Swagger

That match surprised me. Baron Corbin destroyed Jack Swagger with authority. I did not expect that. It surely made Corbin look like a million bucks but I was given the impression that this rivalry was about introducing and building Swagger’s character. Interesting.

When the commentators started talking about never having seen Swagger get manhandled like that, I just wanted to ask them if they had watched any wrestling in the last few years. Then again, props for trying to make Swagger look credible.

James Ellsworth def. AJ Styles /via DQ/

The atmosphere was just ridiculous. The crowd was so invested in Ellsworth and the whole angle that the it felt like a PPV title match. Unbelievable reaction!

The jokes on commentary about AJ Styles having “kicked the chin off Ellsworth” or Ellsworth, delivering the “No Chin Music” were brilliant. It shows that someone in the WWE reads the comment sections online.

It was never a realistic option to see AJ Styles lose the title to Ellsworth but when the crowd’s favourite jobber hit that super kick ( which Styles sold like a boss), it truly was a HOLLY SHIT moment. Saying that, it might make the Slammys next time.

Ambrose, getting under AJ’s skin so deep that he made him lose control and lose via DQ to James Ellsworth, was a great piece of writing. It gave the fans something to laugh at and it also furthered the feud between the champ and the Lunatic Fringe. Well done, Smackdown!


What did you think of SmackDown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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