WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 25/10/2016

SDLive produced another cracking episode, filled with unforeseen twists and turns. The Wyatt Family might be getting another member; Nikki Bella rips off John Cena and James Ellsworth remains vital to the show, just not in the way he wants. What else happened on the show? Let’s talk SmackDown!

Bray Wyatt def. Kane

Let’s just being by noting that the show opened with a no DQ match. That’s the way to kick-off the night!

No one was surprised when Luke Harper came out to attack Kane, or when Randy Orton got involved. It all started to look off when Harper just left Bray, instead of defending him from the Viper; but the real shocker came when Orton RKOed Kane.

It later on appeared to be the case of “if you can’t beat them, join them”.  However, the storyline’s future isn’t that clear just yet.

It might be the same turn of events as in the Daniel Bryan storyline with the Wyatts but it could also be a doorway to a Bray Wyatt face turn. What if Randy takes the Family away from him and preys on him after that? It would be brilliant and unexpected.

Becky Lynch/ Alexa Bliss

Becky’s back and that’s good news. The segment was good. The girls have great chemistry and the exchange worked well. It didn’t come off forced or boring.

Bliss stood tall at the end and that was important. It won her some heel heat and a huge doze of momentum.

The crowd loves Becky and this feud will help her shine as a babyface.

The Hype Bros def. The Ascension

It’s good that the Ascension are starting to look strong again. The way they manhandled Ryder in the first half of the match reminded me of their NXT days.

Mojo Rawley was the hot tag and brought victory to his team but he was in front of a home crowd and it helped the atmosphere of the match.

It would have been better to have had the Hype Bros lose because it would have brought some booing to the Ascension by MoJo’s crowd. However, it’s not that much of an issue. Next time around, the Ascension should win though.

Nikki Bella def. Natalya

Poor Natalya never stood a chance of joining Team Blue at Survivor Series. With everything going on with Nikki Bella, there was no way Nikki was not making the PPV.

Powering out of an impossible submission and then hitting the STF? Nikki pulled off a blatant John Cena. I don’t know what made her agree to this storyline but it’s awesome. The only issue is that Carmella sounds more and more like the honest face in this.

Speaking of Carmella, she was brilliant. She came out of nowhere and hit Nikki with her own move. Great booking!

Looking further on, Team SD might struggle at Survivor Series because with Nikki and Carmella most likely on the team, they’ll be too dysfunctional to win.

Rhyno & Heath Slater def. The Spirit Squad

Seeing Miz, Ziggler and Slater in the same ring, doing a segment that actually matters was a feel-good moment and a victory for the wrestling fans. This is the epitome of success in the New Era.

Miz was brilliant, hiding behind Maryse at all times. His annoying heel persona is hilarious.

Slater and Rhyno retained but they could have actually lost and people would have accepted it. This is how well the storyline has been built.

It’s smart to have Dolph and Miz feud at the background. Taking a step back helps the feud retain the fans’ interest without disappointing.

AJ Styles def. Dean Ambrose

That was one of Ambrose and Styles’ better matches. The action just flowed and AJ was brilliant in his combinations. They made each other look good and it seemed to inspire them to do more. Even Ambrose’s clothesline looked truly efficient last night.

Having Ellsworth cost Ambrose the match was an example of good, old-school booking. It was expected but the fans wanted to see the No Chin Music again.  Also, it was a retribution for AJ Styles, who had to lie down for Ellsworth two weeks in a row.

Overall, the show was brilliant. The FallOut segments with Breezango are the only thing missing from the main program. Can’t wait to see those on SmackDown!


What did you think of SDLive? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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