WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights &Analysis From 15/11/2016

RAW seemed to have done a great job at preparing us for Survivor Series but then came #SDLive900 and totally stole the show! Not only did we get to see a good deal of the different SD teams in action but also got a blockbuster announcement from the Undertaker himself. SmackDown truly brought it. Here’s my review!

Miz def. Dolph Ziggler

I was just thinking that this was a nice match, another one in the brilliant series between Ziggler and the Miz. I wasn’t expecting anything exceptional to happen, knowing that the title is defended this Sunday at Survivor Series. Needless to say, I was surprised to see the A-lister win.

This is a bold move, which shows that SmackDown is unpredictable. It also opens up possibilities for future storylines. If Sami Zayn wins, there will be two SD superstars, asking for rematches, possibly going to a Triple Threat at TLC. Things just got even more exciting.

Kalisto def. ???

Kalisto’s on a roll. He’s made to look like a beast; not a midget underdog, who struggles to survive, no – a dangerous, brutal fighter. He’s being prepped to take out Brian Kendrick on Sunday.

The only thing that could prevent Kalisto from brining the cruiserweights to SmackDown is Baron Corbin. I’m afraid the Lone Wolf might make an appearance at Survivor Series after all and take his revenge on Kalisto.

Carmella vs. Nikki Bella

It was a good match in a good feud and I enjoyed watching but bringing the women’s teams in took the segment to a different level.

Nia Jax took herself out but if she doesn’t do anything stupid on Sunday, she’ll be a threat. Naomi impressed me. Her balance on the ropes was brilliantly dangerous.

I do hope that the women of SmackDown will win but it seems more plausible that Team RAW will prevail.

Tag Team SD def. The Vaudevillains, The Ascension, Spirit Squad & The Headbangers  

This is something we didn’t see on RAW. The actual Tag Team Blue assembled to face off the rest of the division and it actually worked out well.

The team spirit was strong. The entire team stood up for Ryder when he was in a pinch with the Ascension and after the match, the Usos, despite being heel were celebrating with the rest. Team Blue seem to be on the same page and that could bring them victory.

Also, props to SD for keeping the rest of the teams in a good position. Team SD could have easily squashed their opponents but actually, The Ascension and the Vaudevillains, in particular, stood out and looked strong in defeat.

Cutting Edge

Team SmackDown is so amusing to watch. All the inner feuds are entertaining and I can’t wait to see them evolve at TLC.

However, the true blockbuster came with the Undertaker. Most had already heard he was going to be on #SDLive900 but no one expected him to announce that he was coming back full time. That was a shocker!

The one thing that could have made this segment even more shocking would have be to have Taker ask for Shane’s spot on the team. That, however, would have left Team Raw with zero chances of success, so it might have been smart to keep things as they are.


What are your impressions from SmackDown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB, or Twitter!


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