WWE RAW – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 21/11/2016

With two title matches on the show and a big announcement from Goldberg, RAW followed Survivor Series on a high note. What else happened last night? Let’s talk RAW!


Goldberg’s shocking victory at Survivor Series left everyone wondering what to expect because there’s no way Lesnar was sacrificed for a one off appearance. The answer we got is Royal Rumble.

The problem is with Godlberg in the Rumble, I don’t see how anyone else would win. The only thing that could mess up his chances is Lesnar, entering as a surprise and costing both of them the title opportunity.

New Day def. Sheamus & Cesaro

It was a good match and the New Day won it thanks to Xavier Woods and Francesca. However, it seems to me more and more like the New Day are slowly turning into the heels of this feud.

The fans actually like Cesaro and Sheamus, so the New Day’s dirty tricks might not go unnoticed this time. Yet, the New Day will hold on to the championships for a little longer. That record has to be beaten.

I wonder why the New Day’s early elimination at survivor Series didn’t get attention. I thought it would have been a good talking point.

Cedric Alexander def. Daivari

Finally, Cedric’s back on TV, winning matches. It was short but it was sweet. This guy has a lot of charisma and he’ll easily be over the moment he gets some spotlight.

Daivari at least made an attempt to get some heel heat. A short promo before a match, even if it’s only to diss the crowd a little bit is better than nothing.

The Highlight Reel

It seemed like KO and Jericho were about to argue but knowing these two, I was expecting them to turn it all against Rollins somehow. Their pairing is so funny, I’m not even mad at all their cheating.

It was strange to see Reings get booed even when he was coming to Rollins’aid. Usually, mentioning the Shield gets the fans to hold back the boos.

Reigns and Jericho are banned from ringside but if watching WWE taught me anything ,it’s that a ban like that rarely works.

Rusev def. Enzo

The premises for this match were ridiculous. Enzo was walking around naked for some reason, bumped into Lana and Rusev got pissed off. Why was Enzo strolling butt-naked in the first place? I know Cass hid his clothes but Enzo was more than happy to wave his junk around instead of sitting somewhere quietly, or looking for something to cover up with. Sometimes the WWE logic defeats all other.

I don’t know about you, guys, but I personally thought Rusev was the face here. Enzo was disrespectful to his wife and deserved the beat-down. It was satisfactory to see Rusev punish Enzo.

Then again, why Rusev is starting a feud with a tag team is another question. It never works out well when one guy picks on two.

Gallows & Anderson def. The Golden Truth

The Golden Truth had more time in the ring and looked far better than Breezango, the Shining Stars and the Hype Bros at Survivor Series put together.

Even so, they lost. And yet an occasional victory for Gallows and Anderson here and there doesn’t make their situation look any better.

Braun Strowman def. Sami Zayn

This was quite unfair. Sami Zayn got punished for losing to the Miz, although the Miz cheated. Stephanie coming up with this would have been normal, but Mick Foley agreeing to it is what surprised me.

I don’t know what Sami could gain from being fed to Strowman. It will lead to a feud, that much is clear but would the WWE allow Sami to go over Strowman when they’ve just built him up to look unbeatable? I doubt it.

Sasha Banks & Bayley def. Charlotte & Nia Jax

Nia wasn’t as impressive as at Survivor Series. The truth is that Bayley alone has beaten Nia Jax, one-on-one and this already makes Nia look less intimidating.

Another Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks match. This is why the fans complain about RAW. It’s repetitive and the same top superstars fight for the same things over and over again.

Rich Swann def. Noam Dar & TJ Perkins

This match was too short for my liking. It was so great that I wanted to see more and more of it. The cruiserweights might be better off having their own show because just being squeezed in between the rest of the RAW card isn’t doing them justice.

The WWE has been prepping Swann to be the #1 contender for weeks now. I personally find his over the top character annoying but at least he has a character, so I don’t mind seeing that feud.

Kevin Owens def. Seth Rollins

This was one good title match. It had everything you could ask for in a no DQ fight. The high spot from the seating area got me worried. The fence looked wobbly; I had horrible visions of what could happen if it didn’t hold out.

Jericho got involved and he was at ringside. Where was the referee? The victory should have gone to Rollins straight away. This would have led to a Jericho/Owens feud.  Jericho would have compared the situation to the Survivor Series List situation and it would have infuriated KO even more.

Still, Jericho’s involvement will open the door for another Owens/Rollins fight at a PPV.


What are your impressions from RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB, or Twitter!


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