WWE RAW – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 28/11/2016

RAW keeps stepping up the game. New #1 contender for the Universal Championship and a new Women’s champion were made last night. What happened on Monday night? Let’s talk RAW!

Highlight Reel

Somehow the Architect wasn’t able to drive a wedge between Jericho and Owens but Roman Reigns did. The Big Dog did the impossible and with a couple of sentences broke Team Chris & Kevin. How that worked out is a mystery.

It was about time KO and Jericho split. Otherwise Owens would never lose the championship.

Strowman def. R Truth

Strowman squashed R Truth, Goldust and Sami Zayn, all in about 2-3 min.

The real value of this segment came when Sami Zayn and Mick Foley clashed on the mic. That was one of the best and most intense verbal exchanges I’ve seen Sami in. I loved it!

Tony Nese def. Cedric Alexander

Tony Nese, with an important involvement from Drew Gulack, defeated Cedric Alexander.

Two things stood out in this match – Cedric’s popularity and his new storyline. It seems like Foxy has her sights set on young Cedric but I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing. She can’t even be his manager since her gimmick is she’s crazy and he’s a likable face on his own. We’ll have to see where this goes, if anywhere. It won’t be the first time the WWE introduced a love storyline and then killed it off.

Regardless of what happens to the Alicia storyline, Cedric needs a push. Did you hear the crowd? The fans love this guy.

Seth Rollins/Jericho

Rollins jumped Jericho in the parking lot. It was a cool backstage segment and the fans were happy to see Rollins on RAW. However, it  seems like Rollins is moving to a feud with Jericho, leaving the Universal Title open for Reigns and I’m not sure I like that.

By the way, it is ironic that Jericho got punished after he finally decided to break up with KO.

Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks

The way the match started, it quickly became apparent that the girls were in a hurry. The segment couldn’t last long with that starting pace.

Charlotte caused a double contout and I wouldn’t have been surprised if it had all ended like this but Mick Foley got involved and rebooked the match for later that night. What I don’t understand is why not restart the match there and then? That’s what normally happens.

Enzo Amore def. Rusev /via DQ/

I’m sorry but Enzo is the heel in this. Any man is justified in wanting to give a beating to an obnoxious douche who explicitly offends his wife.  Yet, the WWE somehow still tries to make Rusev the heel here.

I honestly want to see Rusev destroy both Enzo and Cass at the end of this feud and get cheered for it. It would be awesome and deserved!

Rich Swann def. Noam Dar

It was all Noam Dar but Rich Swann won in the end. Not sure how deserved that victory was. The way the division is booked, Dar would easily claim #1 contedership after Swann.

Brian Kendrick on commentary was gold. He kept me listening attentively the whole time. I might have been paying more attention to him than the match though.

I find Rich Swann’s character extremely annoying. He’s the unfunny version of the New Day. Unfortunately, not many other cruiserweights have a character at all at the moment.

Roman Reign def. Kevin Owens

What is going on here? Roman Reigns beats Owens clean and gets to be the #1 contender for the Universal title while simultaneously holding the US title?

What was the point of giving Reigns the US title at all? He didn’t defend it at Survivor Series, he won’t defend it at Roadbloack. He’s just using it as a trophy to boost his ranking. Sad.

Owens has been reduced to being a weak champion, who’s useless without lackeys. That’s even sadder.

Paul Heyman

That was one good promo. You know something good is coming when Heyman looks like hell and starts a PG promo by swearing.

Brock and Goldberg will take each other out at the Royal Rumble, setting up for another one-on-one match after that. This will allow someone else to get the title shot.

New Day def. Gallows & Anderson

I don’t even know why we are watching these matches at all. It’s obvious that the New Day won’t drop the titles before they beat Demolition and I’m ok with that but I don’t need to see matches that want to make me pretends there are stakes when there are none.

I wonder who will be the next champions. My money’s on Sheamus and Cesaro because there’s no point in having them in a team if they don’t get the gold. Especially after that beyond awesome segment!

I like the New Day and they had a good run but I cannot wait for Cesaro & Sheamus as champs!

Sasha Banks def. Charlotte

This was a great way of ending the show. Charlotte and Sasha destroyed each other and the crowd appreciated it.

That Bank Statement in the end was so inescapable that Charlotte really had no other choice but to tap. That made the ending realistic.

However, I’d have been much more excited about Sasha’s victory if we hadn’t seen her win and lose the belt next possible match more than once already. Third time champion? Really? Sasha’s reigns were almost nonexistent.


What are your impressions from #RAW? Share your thoguhts in the comment section, on FB, or Twitter!


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