WWE RAW – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 05/12/2016

Second week in a row RAW is hitting us hard with backstage segments and the fans love it! Storytelling has been going up in the last few episodes. RAW is simply getting better. Let’s see what went down last night! Let’s talk RAW!

Seth Rollins/Kevin Owens

The opening segment brought the focus to where it always had to be – Seth Rollins vs. Triple H. This is the big clash everyone’s been waiting for. I only hope that after this Seth won’t be using the Pedigree anymore. This never was a good finisher for him.

Reigns vs. Owens is setting us up for Reigns ruling RAW. I won’t be surprised if he replicates Seth’s double champion accomplishment. Jericho will play a part in this too, undoubtedly. Then it will go to Jericho vs. Owens. The sad part is that Y2J deserves to get a reign out of this but he won’t.

Big Show vs. Seth Rollins

Damn, Big Show looks good! I haven’t seen Show look that fit in years. He won’t be a main player anymore, he’s too old for this. Yet, if he wants to keep in shape and be a face – why not? It gives him the same role Kane has on SmackDown at the moment.

Jack Gallagher def. Ariya Daivari

This was a little replay of the 205 Live debut of Jack Gallagher. Sadly, the RAW crowd didn’t appreciate it as much.

I don’t know why the audience’s response is so different on the different shows. It seems implausible that the majority of the people who watch the main product are too snobbish to see that a guy they don’t know delivers in the ring and deserves a reaction.

Kevin Owens def. Sami Zayn

This match was sad. It was a great show, don’t get me wrong. Sami Zayn and KO leave it all in the ring and it’s always a pleasure to watch them wrestle. However, this kind of amazing wrestling demonstrates how underused Zayn is.

Had this been the start of a championship feud with Sami, getting the gold in the end, it would have been fine but it wasn’t. This is just Sami, being destroyed by KO again, just after having been decimated by Strowman. This is not a good look and Sami deserves better.

Sasha Banks

Sash is great in the ring but she sucks at doing promos, especially as a face. Being a heel came more naturally to her. This mic work here was so obviously pre-written that it looked disappointingly fake.

Another Iron Woman match sounds awesome but they’ve dragged Ric Flair into this again, haven’t they?

Rich Swann def. TJ Perkins

This was a rollercoaster of a match. The action was lightning quick and it was a spectacle to watch. Too bad the crowd was dead silent. Again, why?

The cruiserweights are not getting over as they should be. Maybe it’s a better idea to give them 205 Live and keep them there. Develop the show as its own brand and make cruiserweight only PPVs. There would be people watching this.

Bayley def. Alicia Fox

Bayley did such a quick work of Alicia that the fans barely had the time to warm up and start chanting properly before it was all over.

Where did this feud even come from? Bayley was involved with Charlotte, Sasha and Dana until now. Foxy was swooning over Apollo Crews. Suddenly, the commentators make it sound as if Bayley and Alicia had been in a rivalry all along. Did I miss something?

Mark Henry def. Titus O’Neil

Then again, Alicia was booked to look amazing compared to Titus O’Neil. Mark Henry came in, slammed him and that was it. What kind of a never-ending punishment is this Titus Brand?

Reigns def. Jericho

This was the best match of the night. The fans were into it and the atmosphere was great. The LET’S GO ROMAN/Y2J chants were deafening.

I had some desperate hopes that Jericho was somehow going to win this, freeing Roman from the US title and allowing him to run freely after the Universal Championship. It would have been better for the US title, which is only a decoration at the moment. Yet, Reigns prevailed again.

The WWE opted for KO vs. Jericho. This feud is coming, that’s for sure but Jericho could have gotten a run with the gold from the whole story, at least.


Throughout the show, Enzo and Lana had been flirting furiously and at some point I was thinking that it was going to be yet another stupid love triangle with the brute Rusev and the slutty Lana. Thank God it wasn’t!

It all culminated in a backstage segment where Lana seduced Enzo, only to serve him to Rusev on a silver platter. The beating in the hotel room looked realistic. The WWE did so well this time!

Rusev kept yelling “I’m going to wreck you!” and “This is for my wife” while Lana kept screaming “More! MORE!” in Russian. When you think about it, Rusev is the face here. Too bad we won’t see that angle on a WWE show.

Backstage segments like this one and the one with Sheamus and Cesaro last week are exactly what the fans want to see. RAW’s onto something good here!

Gallows & Anderson vs. Cesaro & Sheamus

Sheamus and Cesaro were impressive last night. Individually, they pulled off such impeccable offense that their team looked incredibly strong in the end.

The New Day are going to drop the belts next week. I suppose it will be the same thing that happened to Nikki Bella. The record will be broken and within seconds the title will be lost.

I cannot wait for the Sheamus/ Cesaro pairing as champs. This will be one awesome reign!

Charlotte/Ric Flair

Man, Charlotte has become such a brilliant heel! She can use her dad in storylines without breaking character and getting emotional about it. She played her role to perfection.

What worries me about this angle is that Ric’s involvement might not stop here. He might start interfering with matches again and that would be a mistake. Charlotte finally escaped his presence. He needs to stay away from the Women’s Division.

What are your impressions from RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB, or Twitter!