WWE RAW – Review, Highlights and Analysis From 12/12/2016

Just before Roadblock the New Day did not one, but two title defenses in Triple Threat matches. The thought of Eva Marie in exchange for Sami Zayn was entertained. What else? Let’s talk RAW!

New Day def. Gallows & Anderson and Sheamus & Cesaro

It was a good match with a beautifully executed ending sequence. The outcome was definitely expected. The New Day didn’t hold on to the titles for this long, only to fail miserably at breaking Demolition’s record.

Sheamus and Cesaro were great together. Accordign to the standard WWE logic, the New Day can lose the championships now and I’d give them exactly to Sheamus and Cesaro.

However, it’s also possible that the New Day could hold on to the belts till Mania. That would be great for them and it would give their lengthy reign a memorable finish. However, it could kill any remaining credibility the rest of the division has.

Braun Strowman def. Curtis Axel

Strowman squashed yet another guy and that’s nothing we haven’t seen. However, his promo was good. I like his confidence. He has more potential than it seemed in the beginning.

Lince Dorado vs. Ariya Daivari

The feud between Daivari and Gallagher is brilliant! It’s the first time I hear the RAW crowd pop like that for a cruiserweight. Gallagher is just one of a kind. Finally, the Cruiserweight Division is starting to pick up steam!

My only disappointment from this segment was the fact that we didn’t see that much of Lince Dorado. The guy is great in the ring and the short few minutes we saw were a treat. Jack could have waited a little longer to intervene.

The Rollins Report

Rollins/Reigns and Jericho/Owens are two teams that won’t last. It’s not the right time for the Shield and Rollins/Reigns are after the same title.  As for Chris and Kevin, I cannot wait for this feud!

Brian Kendrick def. TJ Perkins

TJP lost clean. That I didn’t expect, especially before a title match this Sunday. Either TJ is turning into a jobber, or he’s turning heel. I think he’d make a great heel, Miz-style.

Bayley def. Alicia Fox

This is one stupid storyline. Alicia is jealous over a hug and keeps losing to Bayley. Unless we see segments, involving actual talking from Cedric, this is utterly useless. It doesn’t match his personality at all. And yes, I am more concerned about Cedric Alexander than the women involved.

Rusev/Lana/Big Cass

Rusev and Lana produced a great promo together. They were equal in the delivery and seemed to thoroughly enjoy their time on stage.

We saw the entire arena chant eagerly for Lana/Rusev porn. The WWE Universe makes me lose faith in humanity sometimes.

Rusev retreated supposedly but he was doing quite well against Big Cass. I’d actually love to see Rusev win this feud. In my eyes, he’s been the face all along.

Sami Zayn def. Jinder Mahal

Jinder was still there? I had forgotten. Anyway, Sami won and it was a well-deserved victory.

Haahhaha Eva Marie for Sami Zayn? I’m sure Daniel Bryan would sign that right away! But it must have hurt Eva to be used like that. I can already see her whine about it on Total Divas.

It turns out Foley actually believed in Sami and it’s great but I’m still not convinced it’s better than simply giving Sami to SmackDown where he could shine.

The 10 minutes match is a simple idea. The time elapses, nobody wins. Sami looks good for surviving and Braun looks good because he’s a monster – easy enough.

New Day def. Rollins & Reigns and KO & Jericho

This match was amazing. The crowd loved every single bit of it. As great as that is, it’s concerning that the Triple Threat, involving actual tag teams didn’t get half the reaction. The Tag Team Division needs some help.

Owens/Jericho finally fell out for good. I want to see this feud and if Chris gets to be the Universal Champ and get one more reign, why not?

Xavier Woods was a trooper! The New Day seemingly carried a double duty but in reality, Woods carried the entire second title defence on his shoulders. Great work!

Reigns looked great with the two titles. It would be a great picture to post. However, I’m not convinced it would work with the fans in real life.


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